Critique my Program


I would like some advice on my new program. My goals are strength, power, and size. Here is a rough draft of my program:


A. Power Snatch - 5x2

B. Snatch Pull - 5x5

C. Back Squat - 5x5

D1. Military Press - 5x5
D2. Weighted Chinups - 5x5

E. Farmers walk - 4 x 25m


A. Trap Bar Deadlift - 5x5

B1. Bulgarian Split Squat - 4 x 6
B2. RDL - 4 x 6

D1. DB Bench press - 12,10,8
D2. DB Row - 12,10,8

E1. Pushups - 3 x max
E2. Inverted Row - 3 x max


A. Power Clean - 5x3

B. Clean pull - 5x5

C. Back Squat - 5x5

D. Bench press - 5x5

E1. Dips - 3 x max
E2. Pullups - 3 x max

Also, I was thinking on adding either a sprint or hill session once or twice a week. These sessions would mainly focus on speed. What do you guys think?



Looks pretty good to me actually. Only thing I notice is that you don’t seem to have a lot of shoulder/delt work. Depending on how fast you do these routines I can’t imagine someone needing to also do sprints or even farmer’s walks, especially when they’re trying to put on size.

Eat a lot, follow the program, see what works and what doesn’t. Make minor changes until you get it just right.

Do you have access to a sled and/or prowler. Some eccentric-less training in between I think would support your cause much more than sprinting.

Looks good to me for strength and power too. I like sprints on an off day. I would suggest adding some isolation work on an off day (like saturday, it seems the most logical place for it since all your heavy work is done) for hypertrophy purposes. Delt, back, and arm isolation.