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Critique My Program

Just a little history, I’m 6’1 around 240 lbs and 17 years old. I’ve been lifting for almost a year with bodybuilding splits but i trained for football a little longer that 2 years. my goals are short term to get to 260-270 lbs under 20% BF by the summer and to bench 370 and do dips with four plates sometime soon no set time I’m just bad at flat benching. I’m also going to compete next spring. I’ve been making great gains lately but i wanna switch what i’m doing up a little so i was thinking about this-

BB flat bench- 4x6-8 1x15
bb or smith machine military press- 4x6-8 1x15
db incline- 3-4x10-12
Weighted dips- 4x8
lateral raises- 4x15

Lat pulldowns- 4x8-12
db row- 4x10
supinated cable row- 4x8-12
Barbell curls- 3-4x10-12
hammer curls- 3x12

Back squat- 4x6-8
raised heel front squat- 3x15
extensions- 4x12-15


Chest shoulders

High incline db press- 4x 6-8 1x15
HS incline- 4x 10-12
flat press machine- 4x10-12
flies- 3-4x12x15
lateral and front raises- 3x15
rear delts

Back biceps
Rack pulls- 4x6-8
machine rows- 3-4x12
EZ bar preacher curls- 4x12
spider curls- 4x12

Hack squat- 3x20 different foot positions
lunges- 3x20
laying leg girl- 4x12-15

I train kind of instinctively so its not really set in stone just a basically what ill go by. I like a lot of volume and i can handle it i don’t know if this is a lot of volume compared to other people but i think so.

Sounds like a good program but I would replace hack squats with Back squats because if you are going to squat you might as well make It as intense as possible. And replace the laying leg curl with a leg press.

I do back squat on my first leg day and then do hack squat to start on my second so i can position my feet in different ways