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Critique My Program


I am trying to pack on size after years of being skinny(ish). Having read CT's article on designing a good program (link below), this is what ive come up with.


The objective is size and i'm going to take a antagonistic split approach:

Day 1: Chest/back
Day 3: Biceps/triceps
Day 4: Quads and hams
Day 6: Shoulders/Upper back

Example of day 1 exercises would be:

4 sets of:
A1-BB bench press-7 reps, 45secs rest
A2-Bent over BB row-7 reps, 45 secs rest

B1-DB bench press-9 reps, 45 secs rest
B2-DB row-9 reps, 45 secs rest

C1-DB flies-11 reps, 45 secs rest
C2-Lat pulldown-11 reps, 45 secs rest

And then for the diet, im going with carb-cycling with the aim of bulk. following CT again this is what i've worked out:

Calorie intake required: 3000 calories

Moderate days:198g P, 157.3 F, 198g C
High days:198g P, 157.3 F, 247.5g C
Low days:198g P, 157.3 F, 148.5g C

This gives the following percentage splits:

Moderate:26% P, 47% F, 26% C
High:26% P, 47% F, 33% C
Low:26% P, 47% F, 20% C

It seems that calories from fat seem to be taking up a large percentage of my diet-is this correct?

I welcome all your views and suggestions.


what are your stats

l cant see anyone growing optimally off of 3000 cals


You percentages don't add up. Your medium day is 99%, high is 106% and low is 93%.

  1. You don't need to determine how many reps or rest time you need. This is better assessed on the spot. Lift as much weight as you can for 6-10reps. You will NOT overtrain.

  2. With carb cycling you don't need that much fat, even when gaining. Your protein, however, is very low. If you are bent on keeping calories the same I'd suggest raising protein at the expense of fat.

  3. Round out your numbers! 247.5g!? Get a life: 250g-200g-150g.

If you're putting out in the gym and are getting stronger don't change anything. Strength gains often precede mass gains.


Stats are:

19 yo male, 175cm, and 60 kg.

Giving me a BMR of 1633.

  1. My protein is as CT suggested, 1.5g protein per lbs of body weight


Damn, 132lbs! Just go do it.


If you just started working it, here's some advice. Keep it Simple.

Eat till your full 5-6 times a day. Lift heavy and hard.

Counting calories, timing carbs, time rests in your workout, it's going to be a chore and lose its appeal in about a month.

Seriously, at your size. Eat, Train, Sleep. Don't worry about details yet.


At 175cm 60kg I think a whole day dedicated to arms is a waste of time.

How long have you been lifting? What do you squat, deadlift and bench?

What ever the answers, you need to be squatting and deadlifting more.


you dont need to be so technical with diet yet just eat alot dont worry about the percentages of the macros alot of protein and carbs and fats.
the same with you training just do it dont worry bout the little tings you should be sticking to compound movements like squat deadlift bench ect.


I agree on the compound movements, and they are included in the workout on the respective days.

Or are you saying, forget about the whole anatgonistic split, and just do e.g. 3-4 workouts a week and do DL, squats in each workout?


no you can do the antagonistic split but i wouldnt do it when you train eg. doing a chest exercise then doing back then chest then back ect. you get the idea? just do all you chest movements then all your back
bench press
incline dumbell press



Maybe try putting in deadlifts for your back, and chin ups for lat pulldowns? but your decision, whatever you find hardest.


The program seems fine. But bro, your taller than me but almost 30 kilo lighter, and I don't know your bodyfat.

Define your bulking goals, I would suggest over 200lbs but maybe you're one of those guys afraid to blur their abs and who fail to get big, so they blame genetics etc...

Your carb cycling approach makes me nostalgic, but you shouldn't be scared to make some meals that contain the three macronutrient types while at 60kg. Go heavy on the protein and on the carbs, cut carbs just in the last meal, as for fat aim for 50-100grs, don't focus too much on percentages, some people will have like 60% carbs on their diet, while others will have bodycomp problems going higher than 200grs of CHO.