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Critique My Program

All exercises are 3 sets. FB= rep in front followed by rep in back
Goal: Muscular hypertrophy and slight strength increases

Back/Lats Monday

BB Rows
Seated Cable Rows
Pulldowns FB SS CG Pulldown
Chinup SS Pullup
Lower Back Extension

Chest Tuesday

Incline Bench
Pec cables
Decline Bench x1

Legs Thursday

Front Squat
Leg Press
Stiff-Legged Deadlift
Leg Sled (calf exercise)
Calf Press
Deadlifts (lighter than monday)

Arms Friday

Standing Military Press FB
Sitting DB Military Press
Bent Over LR
Upright Row
BB Shrugs SS DB Shrugs
CG Bench
Skull Crusher
Tricep Pushdown
LB Curls
Preacher curl
Standing DB curl

It sux!

You didn’t specify how many reps are involved in 1 set. But regardless of knowing that. This sucks.

Mon: 18 sets!

Tues: 16 sets!

Weds: off

Thurs: 21 sets!!

Fri: 33 SETS!!!

Sat/Sun: OFF!!!

I assume your a newbie here. Hence this is your 1st post. Expect some criticism on this w/o. IMHO newbie mistake.

Do yourself a favor. Buy Ian Kings “Get Buffed” and “How to Write Strength Training Programs” books. Read them from cover to end. Master them. You will never need to ask for advice or criticism on your workout plans.

I’ve been lifting 9 yrs. Currently prioritizing my upper body hypertrophy goals. And my workouts are 2-3 a week. No more then a total of 12-13 sets. Thats excluding aerobic warmup, stretching, abdomial training and control drills.

And I’ve made some massive gains in size!!! in 3 weeks.
Get these books. And go from newbie to master.

you just listed a bunch of exercises
heres half a cookie


Well first off by saying my main goal was muscle hypertrophy, I was hoping you would be able to get the rep range without me having to say 8-12. Also you act like I have to many sets, I have done a full-body program supervised by our schools pole-vaulting coach, He has two NCAA rings for polevaulting and was named most athletic in the military, this guy is over 70 years old and has the strength and stamina to match the top athletes in our shcool, His program had us doing 50 sets each set 10 reps on Mon/Wed/Fri. I saw great gains with this routine and so have many at our school. I’ve been lifing for 1.5 years now. If you all could read you would see I listed my goal and number of sets per exercise.

good job buddy, here’s the other half of the cookie

today i did:

back squats

calf presses

thats it.

[quote]ZeusNathan wrote:
good job buddy, here’s the other half of the cookie[/quote]

Thank you, I feel accomplished now.

[quote]schultzie wrote:
today i did:

back squats

calf presses

thats it.[/quote]

Thats great, but doesn’t help me at all.

I dont think your program has to many sets and seems ok to me as far as the grouping of your exercises.

As you are going for mainly size, one thing you should consider is trying to keep your rest periods to a minimum – 1 minute would be great; two minutes would be ok; but not optinum for size…

[quote]ImTheRealArab wrote:
ZeusNathan wrote:
good job buddy, here’s the other half of the cookie

Thank you, I feel accomplished now.[/quote]

thats sad