Critique My Program Please


-High Pulls
-Box squat �?? 8x2 �?? speed and form 60
-stiff leg - 5 reps hard (not max) followed by 10 reps. (this switches also
between pulls of 2-6" and RDL’s every 3 weeks)


  • Bench Variation (board,regular, etc)
  • Military Press - 2x5
  • Pull up Chin up - 3-4x10
    -Triceps 3-4x8


  • Regular Squat 3-5RM
    -GM or RDL or Rack Pull/ for 3RM
  • Abs


  • Dynamic Bench �?? straight weight 8x2 60sec. rest
  • Close Grip Bench - 2x5-8
  • Bent Over Row - 3-5x5-8
    -Rear Raises-3x12
  • abs

Now I’m not concerned with bench, but for my lower body days
Is it alright for me to do a 3RM Rack Pull or GM after my squats…I want to raise my deadlift and want this back work. I’ve incoporated box squats cause Marc Bartley told me it’d bump my raw squat over 500 if I train speed with purple bands (just gettin used to box squats now).

What do you all think? Should I ditch the 3RM thing and just do like higher reps with GM’s (6 reps), and leave my other lower body day the same?

So yeah I just want to pull deadlifts for heavy singles once every 3 weeks. Pulling every week heavy with singles with heavy squats wears me out too much.

If your that worried about it cycle them do the GM’s or rack pulls as a first ME sometimes working to a heavy triple or even single


I wouldn’t do the high pulls first on Monday. I’d do them after you squat. Try to keep the GM’s in a medium rep range like 5 to 10. GM’s are great but if your not used to them they can put a hurting on you. Pulling against bands is on of my favorites. If you can do it, try those out too. The other rep ranges look OK as long as your really putting in the effort.