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Critique my Program (OHP, Trap DL, Weighted Chin Ups)

Hello all,

Haven’t posted in nearly 6-7 years, but I read the articles on T Nation daily.

A little background info about me that might explain some choices I made in this program:
-Regular squats and deadlift absolutely wreck my lower back, no matter how solid the form is (old injury flaring up)
-Back Squats always felt insanely awkward, no matter how often I did them or how much emphasis I put on the form (flexbility issues, proportions, etc).
-I’ve been lifting seriously since I was around 20, I’m 27 now.
-Stats are 6’0 207lbs around 13-14% BF

Current/all-time best lifts:
Chin Ups: 5 x BW(210) + 82lbs
Back Squat: 10 x 315
Front squat: 4 x 275
Deadlift: 6 x 430
Bench: 11 x 225
Trap Deadlift: 3 x 475 / 12 x 411
Press: 10 x 135
Dips: 6 x BW(210) + 110

My goal is really to focus on strength on the Press, Chin Ups and Trap DL which are my 3 main lifts while staying injury free and leaving me time for having a life.

All time goal would be 5 x BW+100lbs on the chin ups, 5 x 200 on the Press, and 5 x 500 on the Trap DL.

I focus on these 3 main lifts because honestly I don’t compete in powerlifting and they allow me to stay injury free while giving a fairly complete approach.

The program revolves around 3 days, each focus on one of the ‘‘big’’ lift: Trap DL, OHP and Chin Ups.
Following the main 5 sets (5/3/1 template), I do 1 push, 1 pull and 1 lower movement.

Day 1
Press (5/3/1 progression template)

CG Bench Press (paused) 3 x 10
Band Pull apart 2 x 50
GHR 2 x 10
Back Extensions
AB Roller (knees)
Rope jump

Day 2
Weighted Chin Ups (5/3/1 progression template)

Incline DB Press 3 x 12
BB Rows 3 x 12
Split Squat 2 x 25
Back Extensions 25 x BW
AB Roller (knees) 25 x BW
Rope Jump

Day 3
Trap Deadlift (5/3/1 progression template)

1H Band Tri Pushdowns 3 x 50
Neutral Chin Ups 4 x 10
Zercher Squat 3 x 15
Back Extensions 25 x BW
AB Roller (knees) 25 x BW
Rope jump

Do you guys see massive issues with this program? I often schedule too much volume into my workouts and then dread the actual workout because of it, then end up skipping some. Ideally I’d like to be in and out in 50 mins.

Muscle imbalances? Exercises that aren’t there that should be? I’m 100% open to criticism, have at it.

Link to my youtube page with plenty of videos of my lifts if you wanna see the form etc. https://www.youtube.com/user/jzt26/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=4&view_as=subscriber

No dips? No weighted calves?

Looks pretty solid. Not sure about the band pushdowns though. 50 reps is getting a touch high

Funny you posted that about the dips, I was actually looking over it last night and thought I’d replace the incline DB for dips. As for calves, I honestly never trained them directly, they’re about 18 inches. I could maybe do standing calf raises, but rope jumping burns them out fairly heavily.

Also agree, I think maybe 3-4 sets of 25 would be fine. I’m just looking to get some volume on my triceps because it has always been a weak point of mine. My lockout on the bench is terrible.

Thanks for the great post and solid input. I actually toyed around with a false grip on the OHP recently and found it much more natural and less restrictive. I’m a bit less inclined to try it on the bench for safety reason though.

As for your comment on the lats, funny enough I felt them a lot the day after I did the OHP (knees) with a suicide grip, but never ever feel them on bench days or with a full grip on OHP.

Ceiling is a limiting factor, however I can always drag my olympic bar outside (winter is a bitch though) and do them standing like I did in one video. I also have a gym at work so that’s an option there.

I never thought about doing glute bridges in the warm up to activate them and prevent lower back injury… I will definitely try that out. Good idea, thanks a lot.

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