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Critique My Program - BBB for the Long Term

Last year I did the Boring But Big 3-month challenge for 2 full cycles (24 weeks.) I made great gains in strength + hypertrophy but when the BBB sets got up to 70% of TM, my joints were getting really beat up. You could attribute some of this to poor technique but that’s another topic.

Now I’m designing a BBB program for the next ~32 weeks with the goal being to get strong, get big and NOT get injured.

Deadlift 5/3/1
Hang leg raise

Squat BBB @ 50% of TM
Dead bug

Ab wheel
Standing calf raises
Conditioning finisher: tire flip or farmer walk

Press 5/3/1
Band face pull

Dumbbell bench press BBB @ 50% of TM
Weighted chinups


Box squat 5/3/1
Band pull through

Trap bar deadlift BBB @ 50% of TM
Hang leg raise

Ab wheel
Standing calf raises
Conditioning finisher: tire flip or farmer walk

Friday or Saturday
Bench press 5/3/1
Band pull apart

Dumbbell press BBB @ 50% of TM
Weighted chinups

Kroc rows
Bodyweight dips

Is there a reason to not just do the 3 month challenge again, but starting with a lower training max and making sure that your form is solid? Also, is there a reason you want to run BBB for so long (32 weeks is about 7 months), though Wendler generally recommends that it only be run for about two cycles (6 weeks) before switching to a lower volume higher intensity for a cycle or three?

I think generally if one wants to focus on BBB long term, one also wants to program in cycles of something else to break it up. I know that I and others have found alternating a few cycles of BBB with a few cycles of Triumvirate to work pretty well, but that was before Wendler was providing detailed info and recommendations on Leader and Anchor cycles.

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If the high amount of reps are what’s taking it’s toll on your joints, then you’d may like to look the BBB version I, version II, 5x5, 5x3, 5x1 and Rule of 50, and alternate between some of these. This is just an idea, but I guess these could be run back to back for a few cycles. For example:
1-2 cycles --> BBB Version II
1-2 cycles --> BBB 5x5
1-2 cyles --> BBB 5x1

Or something along the lines… I hope this is to some sort of help!


I guess my thinking is to follow the advice - “if a program works, do it until it stops working.”

5/3/1 with BBB assistance worked for me, so now trying to milk it for a long period of time.

I also feel that the less variance in programming, the more measurable the impact of the program is - I can say, I did X for 6 months and it yielded X results. Next year maybe I do Y, with no variance, for 6 months and it yields Y results. Then I can definitively say if X or Y works better.

Does that make sense?

Do you know which book those variations are in?

The one’s Manze is referring to are in Beyond.

Thanks marc4497.
Check the book out dbo04!