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Critique My Powerlifting Program


-Right now i am running a basic linear program that has 3 strength blocks (each are 4 weeks long)

  1. 4x8
  2. 5x5
  3. 10x3
  • For the program you start with 70% of your max and add 5lbs each week. Also, when the rep scheme switches you automatically add 15lbs
    -Split used= Day 1: Bench and Deadlift, Day 2: OHP and Front squat, Day 3: Deficit Deadlift and Pause Bench, Day 4: Squat and Bench
    Do you think this program will pay off in the end? Should i just run a cycle of 5/3/1?


Off the top of my head this looks very similar to a program @Alpha made a video about on his YouTube, Brian Alsruhe, a while ago. Is it based off that? If so I’d just do that instead, although it’s not specific to powerlifting it’ll definitely get you stronger. If not I’d check it out and see what you think.


Yeah it is! It seemed like a simple linear progression program so i just took it and incorporated with the split. My main fear about the program is that the first phase (4x8) you are not dealing with heavy weights at all really so, by the time i reach the 10x3 phase there is a chance i wont be accustomed to the heavy weights anymore.


How long have you been lifting for and what are your maxes? Weight and height too.
If I was you I really wouldn’t change the program at all, do it exactly as it was laid out. Brian is literally one of the strongest people in America for his weight. If it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for basically anyone.


5`6, 148lbs, squat=325, bench=225, deadlift=355
-Yeah i think i will run 5/3/1 instead. Normally, i have run a 6-week conjugate program that has worked very well for me. However, after running it for 4 cycles in a row i decided it would be a good idea to just switch to a different program for this training cycle. My logic was just to take a break from the conjugate program so i do not get bored of it (because i run it throughout most of the year). Regardless of what program i do after this training cycle i am going back to conjugate. Thanks though


Brian Alsruhe is a good guy to listen to. There is nothing to worry about with regards to " not dealing with heavy weights", the idea of linear progression is that you slowly ease into working with heavier weights. Most of the old school lifters trained that way (think Ed Coan).

The only problem that I see is the order of the exercises, it looks like it is more focused on deadlifts than squats. It’s much easier to deadlift heavy the day after squatting than the other way aroud. If you aren’t going to compete in powerlifting then it isn’t a problem, but remember that Alsruhe competes in strongman. For powerlifting, you would be better off doing squat and paused bench on the first day and deadlift on the second day.

5/3/1 is OK but the basic template is low frequency per lift/body part, most people would be better off with something like this. If you are set on 5/3/1 then do something that has you squatting and benching at least twice a week.


I’m curious…why switch from the conjugate? Did it stop working for you?


Not at all! but after running the cycle 4 times in a row (so for 24 weeks) i wanted to do a different program for this cycle just as a break so i still find conjugate exciting when i get back to it.


I don’t know how you’d get bored w/ conjugate training. It’s always changing.

Stick with it if it’s working. Just make sure you continue to rotate new things.