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Critique My Power Clean!


Hi guys,

I've just started incorporating Oly lifts into my program and I am in need of some critique. I want to master the power clean first and foremost and would appreciate any constructive feedback (negative or positive) I can get. Here's a link to my video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgEElVJvNr4



ass down a bit lower at the start would be the only thing i see wrong with it

looks pretty solid to me


Thanks Kudos... I appreciate it!


Looks like you've got an early arm bend going there. You should be really sore in your traps and not so sore in your arms after a heavy powerclean workout. You can probably do more weight because of the early bend, but the technique isn't correct. Eventually if you work on it with the right form your numbers will go up a lot. I'd say drop the weight to a point where you don't even have to move your arms to get the weight up and go from there. Concentrate on the full shrug/tip-toe extension and the popping of the hips.
I'm no expert, so if anyone else wants to chime in that'd probably be a good thing.


im definately not an expert, but it looks like your using your arms to much, when i clean i jerk the weight of the floor and then drop my ass as low as possible to get under it and catch it, i hardly use my arms at all.


Yeah, these guys are right about using your arms. Think of your arms like ropes during the lifts. You don't want them bending during the pull. Looks like you are doing the lift in slow motion. As the weight passes the knees you have to aggressively drive those hips forward and shrug. It will come with practice.

You are off to a good start though. Remember, don't try to max out yet. Just drill the lifts with submax weights, over and over...


Oh, and make sure that during the part of the lift from the floor to about knee height, your back keeps the same angle from the floor. When you start the lift, instead of thinking "lift the weight", think "push through the floor".


Great advice guys... I'll work on it!


It looks like you're not only using your arms too much but also too soon.
Coming off the floor, your arms should be nothing more than "straps with hooks". Just before lift-ff drop your shoulder blades back and down, that will move the line of pull more across the top of the shoulders instead of across the back of the shoulders. And watch the training video of Dimas at least a million times. Visualize it.



That's because you're doing a squat clean and he is doing a POWER clean.

To the OP - I'd say it looks solid but I would work on not locking the knees so soon. Go to this site and watch the videos over and over and then compare your videos to there's. Really good start.



Wow, that is an awesome site! I'm getting a little sick of the techno though.


Are you looking to do full cleans or modified hanging. I agree you are using your arms to much. Practice jump shrugs and front squats to get the feel of getting under the bar. Hope this helps.

Cheers Rick


Thanks for the link Blake! I think I've already watched the video about 20 times today!


Thanks for the site, a great reference one!


I agree, to much arm involvement and your ass moves straight up at the beginning. As previously mentioned work on the jumpshrug/triple extension portion of lift.


I may be mistaken, but it seems like more of a triple extension would help


your first pull is not good, hence your second pull is inefficient for power production and also leads to preamture elbow bending. Fix your first pull.


im similar to you...altho i probably use a little more arms, but i get my ass under it a bit...however..im only using 165lbs x 3 :0


one thing i hate is when people doing cleans drop the weights on the floor between each rep and it creates a friggin earthquake in the gym. last week some kid was doin that and a 25lb. plate fell off the rack and almost crushed my foot.


Yeah, if they are using metal plates, it is not cool to drop it after each rep. But if they have bumper plates, drop away! Bumpers can make some noise, but the gym isn't a library.