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Critique My Power Clean Technique

I was always taught that the bar had to travel in a straight line and that you moved around the bar, but recently i’ve been watching videos and I feel I’m missing the bit when you drag along your glutes towards your stomach before popping? Anyway any constructive criticism would help :slight_smile:

The first pc looks more like muscle clean but that’s ok as you’re definitely pulling the bar. You are also correct, your back is too vertical at the start of the second pull (When the bar is right above your knees) and actually you need to get your shoulders further over the bar at the start of the first pull to get you in the correct position. Because your not over the bar you’re not able to pull the bar up your tights and then get the hip drive to “pop” the bar up.

You also want to try to jump your feet wide to give yourself a better base of support to catch those power cleans when you get up in weight.

Do some clean pulls to help ingrain the positions and that pop in your mind.

Learn how to do hang power cleans from above the knee with the bar before trying to pull from the floor. You have no hip brush. Honestly, it’s not terrible for a beginner. Your triple extension is almost there and it looks like an okay bar path.