Critique My Power-Based Routine

Tuesday: Squat

Squat: 3x5, 2x3, 1x10 back off set (all sets are ramped)
Goodmornings: 2x5 reps
Ab Pulls: 3x10 reps

Thursday: Bench Press

Bench Press: 3x5, 2x3, 1x10 back off set (all sets are ramped)
Overhead Press: 2x5 reps
Barbell Rows: 3x5 reps
Lat Pulls: 2x10 reps
Skullcrushers: 4x10 reps

Saturday: Deadlift/Dynamic Squat

Deadlift: 1x3 Warm up to one triple
Speed Box Squats: 10x2 at 50%/55%/60% of 1rm
Shrugs: 3x8
Reverse Hyper: 2x10
Ab Pulls: 3x10

Sunday: Dynamic Bench Press/Upper Body Assistance

Speed Bench: 8x3 at 55% of 1rm
Close Grip Bench Press: 3x3 reps
CS Rows: 4x8
Face Pulls: 3x12 reps
Pushdowns: 4x10 reps

My goal is to get strong as hell :), how would this basic training template work?

Whats the purpose of the back off set? It may make more sense to work up to a heavy 3RM, then do two or three singles after that with 90% of what you worked up to. Do this on both the squat and bench press day, if you want. The other thing, why are you mixing Max deadlifts and dynamic squats?

I have read that mixing regimes of work can mix up your system. Personally, I don’t like to mix max and dynamic work because I am to taxed after the max work to maintain speed on the dynamic work. Those are just a few thoughts I had…

I 2nd that. just keep your MaxS stuff on one day and the dynamic stuff on the other. for upper and lower body

Welcome to T-Nation. If your routine is “power based” like you tell us, where are the power cleans? BTW, power and strength are two different things.

Sorry, I meant to say Strength based…besides separating the speed work, does everything else look good?

if u were to seperate the str work and speed work as u have it now u realize on speed upper and lower day u’d be doing 1 exercise each.