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Critique My Posing Vid


Hey guys, can you please view my posing video and critique it. What do I need to work on. I still have 4 more months on bulking left before I start to cut for my school's bodybuilding comp. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I55ohX4JvFc


Your highschool has a bodybuilding competition.


When doing your side chest, scoop up the far pec to make it bigger. Your side relaxed pose...twist a little bit more to show the length of your lats. Double bicep pose...bring the elbows back a little more to show separation in the biceps heads. Front lat spread...put your hands on your obliques to help push out those lats and eccentuate the triangle. You look good for 4 months out.


Ok, I think I may be qualified to help out a bit with this :slight_smile:

Most Muscular- Stop covering your pecs

Front Double Bicep- Make sure your elbows are SLIGHTLY forward. This is the pose to emphasize your Lats on and really display a pronounced v-taper if you hit it correctly

Front lat Spread- Don't lean back so much (I did this my 1st show too!) the judges will be seated lower than the stage, and it will look like your stomach is distended

Side Chest- Twist your torso towards the judges just a little more, and make sure your FAR pec is pushed inward with your FAR arm as well in order to get it to really appear THICK

Don't rotate so quickly. When you see competitors slowly turning because of the length of the judges' table, it's done very subtly! Otherwise you look antsy, which detracts quite a bit from your overall presentation (AND DON'T BOUNCE!)

Rear Double Bi- Rotate your arms slightly backward (elbows forward slightly). This will give a much better view of your three delt heads, as well as a fuller view of your biceps to the judges seated below the stage

Rear Lat Spread- Start with your hands in a position where they're no so much in front of your body at the end. Yes, you want them in front of you a bit, but with your entire arms so far forward in your ending position, you look narrow despite having pretty good lats

Damnit stop all the stupid bouncing and jumping around! get into your pose and HOLD IT!



Thanks, but I'm 4 months out from starting my cutting. So, I'm really 8 months out at this point


great advice man! I really appreciate it!


That's exactly what I thought.


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Yes my school has a bodybuilding comp. This is a pic of the top three last year: http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/207594_10150268805229325_522544324_9222878_952067_n.jpg


Impressive builds for high school kids. I didn't even look that good in college :frowning: -lol



You look great for 16, your back and chest need the most work. Other than that, keep doing what you're doing and you'll be putting people to shame in your comp