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Critique My PLing Peaking Cycle


-3 months out (ED) 75 mg tren A/150 mg test C/50 mg winny.
-2 weeks out (ED)100 mg tren A/ 150 mg test C/ 50 mg winny.
-5 days out (ED)150 mg tren A/150 mg test C/100 mg anadrol/100 mg winny/20 mg halotestin.
-pre meet ( 2 hours before lifting)50 mg halo/200 mg anadrol.

Stats: 5 `11, 217 lbs, 18 year lifting experience, 700 lb raw deadlift and 365 lb reverse grip raw bench press.


Drop the Tren till a few weeks out I promise it makes a big difference in strength. Drop the winni completely from that far out its horrible on your joints man especially for power lifting if you wanna use ot for a short burst fine but at 3 months I don't recommend it. I also prefer long esters that way you can do a final blast before. I recommend this personally take it or leave it.

week 16-11
1000mg of Test E
500mg Deca
200mg Tren E

Week 11-15
1000mg of Test
200mg Tren E
75mf of Tren Ace daily
25mg of Dbol Daily
50mg of Anadrol Daily

Week 15-16 meet week
1000mg of Test
200mg Tren E
75mg Tren Ace Daily
25mg of Dbol Daily
50mg of Anadrol Daily
10-20mg of Halo Daily



as a slight aside: Reed do you often stack drol and dbol together? How is it? I've heard talk of that recently and I'm intrigued.


God damn you're such a bad influence. Looks like I'm adding drol to my next dbol kickstart.

40mg/day dbol, 50mg/day drol.

The liver is evil and must be punished.


Cool, your 1-11 looks like a basic mantainance, aka heavy cruise, then you blast! I think I will cruise on that after my meet is done, Im only 2 weeks out now and dont want to run a heavy dose of tren all year long.
Winny doesnt bother my joints at all, it works wonders for my strength, possible SHBP related effect.


Yeah that's kinda my method a cruise/blast/heavy comp blast/ cruise


I never got much out of D-bol either, anadrol has given me slight strength gains but Halo/adrol combo is awesome!