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Critique My Planned Cycle Please


i am still educating my self and doing research, I will NOT go along with this guys until i am comfortable that i have every thing perfected, just want some feedback on what i am planning to run in 2-4months .

I am 25, 5'10 195lbs 15% bf

will be a bulking cycle and looking to put on as much mass as i can, dont care if i have to eat 5k calories a day. i am aiming for 45lbs + gains.

weeks 1-12 500mg test EW (tell me if i need to lower this as this is my first cycle).

do i really need something to kick start the cycle like a oral dbol for 2-3 Weeks ?

Weeks 10-14 Proviron 50mg/D

for PCT

W 14 Nolva 20mg 2a Day
W 15-17 Nolva 20mg/day

W 18-22 Natty test booster

what do you think about this ? any ideas to minimise water retention ?

i am sorry if this is too "noob" if you want just tell me what i need to research more and i will still respect your replies.



To just give general advice and opinion, these are my thoughts:

~I'd stick with 500-600mg/wk Test. Just do 1cc twice a week of whatever mg/ml you get.

~You don't "need" a Dbol kickstart and I'd actually recommend not doing one. It works best after the Test has "kicked" in anyway to fully take advantage of everything, and being your first I'd leave it out so you can see how the Test works for you without muddling the beginning. If you decide later, add it to the end.

~I don't understand the Proviron at the end? I could see the logic of weeks 12-14+ I guess, but I'd just run it the whole time or use it as a supplement whenever.

~I'd also skip the 40mg/day Nolva for one week and then 20mg/day for the rest starting at week 14. I'd honestly just start it at 20mg/week: Your levels are probably still going to be supra-physiological 2 weeks after your last dose, maybe not? But you're not running a short ester that has a short drop off and you want a quick substitute and replacement: The Nolv can "taper up" as the Test "tapers down". If you were running Test Susp for example than the day after you'd want to hit 60mg/day for 1 day the peak Nolv levels and then 20mg after that, but with long esters there is no need.

~Honestly I'd run something to counter the raised estrogen you're going to experience while on cycle, some say only take if you need and want maximum gains, but I'm someone who likes maximum health too and the raised estrogen will eventually (if you stay cycling) cause issues with your prostate and other things as well. You do not want to lower it too much either for health and gains reasons to. 12.5mg/day Exemstane works great for many and you could run that into PCT while the Nolv kicks in.
01-13 12.5mg/day
14-15 6.25mg/day
12-16 20mg/day
17-18 10mg/day
Something like that would work great, but others probably have better insight/opinions on PCT.

Good Luck


thanks for the positive reply brah ^^.

any one else wants to add to this ?


bumping this for more input


Halflife of test enanthate is about 6-7 days if I remember correctly.

500mg last week

250 next week

125 next week

Thats not really supraphysiological.

I would do the general nolva template of 40/40/20/20

Use an AI on cycle. Adex is good. So is aromasin.


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Am I the only one that will pop the LBS gained dream of this thread? I dont mean to sound like a dick, but 45lbs in one cycle is fucking insane unless you want a shit ton of water weight and a moon face to boot. My first cycle i gained nearly 30 lbs (thank you equipoise aha) and then lost 12lbs after my pct. Most agree that you have the most to gain in your first cycle both in muscle gained (in lbs) and in your lifting maxes.
Again, im not intentionally breaking your heart but be realistic especially regarding 'minimal water retention" in gaining 45lbs in one cycle.
Outside of this ^,
500mgs of test a week will be sufficient
If you already have the gear you mentioned in your OP, best of luck.
If you are looking for compounds to get you that 45lbs then:
Wks 1-12: 500mg of Sustanon250 (2 x 1ml a wk) i feel sust keeps more stable levels then enanth or cyp
wks 1-12: 600mg of EQ (most eq is dosed @ 300mg/ml so 2x a wk) this will make you eat like a horse
wks 6-10: 20-40mg of Dbol or Anadrol a day (Dbol would prob be safest bet, Abombs are just my preference)

PCT looks fine, note THEBEAT2's advice.

Best of luck,
please post results


shit 45 pounds off of 500mg test E?? surely you jest!

Idk Op...if I were trying to gain 45 pounds I would run something like.

Weeks 1-8
Test prop (at least) 1g

weeks 4-beginning of pct
dbol 50-75 mg a day (I don't buy the orals are super toxic hype)

adex 1mg eod (or maybe some letro depending on how gyno prone you are)

pct 40/20/20/20 with adex taper

test and dbol are dirt cheap bro why not go a little beyond 500mg test e? as long as you keep your cycle within normal range and your estrogen under control and your pct on point you should be fine.

also replace the EQ with ghrp6 300mcg ED to make yourself eat like a horse


Weeks 1-8
Test prop (at least) 1g

weeks 4-beginning of pct
dbol 50-75 mg a day (I don't buy the orals are super toxic hype)

Dude, this is the guy's 1st cycle!

Somali: Keep the Test E at 500mg/wk for 12 wks
I would use the Proviron starting at wk#4- 25-50mg/day and use it up to 10 days after your last shot to help unbound as much Test as possible. It'll also help with estrogenic sides/gyno.

Also, arimidex works well even at .25mg EOD. For me anymore than .50mg EOD and my joints are so dried out they're SCREAMING!!! This should be enough for your cycle (unless your very sensitive to gyno, then you can bump up to .25mg-.50mg ED)

The PCT listed previously are pretty standard.
Good luck!


i ran something similar on my first cycle..worked out great.

the kid is shitting himself if he thinks he is going to gain 45 pounds from 500mg of test e though...oh well guess there are always future cycles.