Critique My Plan

Curently on fat loss phase. Started Aug at 180 and 30% body fat. Right now I am 150 and around 20% I lost alot of weight but not as much BF as I would have liked to, but dont think I actually lost too much of the little muslce I had.

Now: Berardi’s 10 habits and CT’s Destroying Fat. Next month is EDT for fat loss. If I am still over 12% BF than Meltdown 1 again.

Bulk phase. Hopefully in Jan.
Diet: 10 Habits gradually adding cals.
first 3 months will be 5x5 intermediate to gain back some strength.

Starting in March or April I will start Muscle Revolution from ABBH all the way to STP.

After that (if I am still alive etc) I plan on doing more of BB type of training.

Thats alot of time there but how does it sound? Am I on the right track? My goal is to be a lean 180 by the time I turn 24.