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Critique My Plan

My plan is to cut down some fat to then start increasing size and strengh. Just like everyone wants to do. Im not an athlete but soon i will be joining the Air Force. I am going to use weekly calorie calculations.

Mon - Carb Load + Train = 4500kcal
Tue-Thu-Sat - Active Rest = 2000kcal
Wed-Fri-Sun - Weight Training = 3500kcal

Total: 21000kcal ~ 3000kcal/day

Instead of a stable daily intake it will be constantly suprising the metabolism. Next week ill drop 250 from Training and Carb days.

I will be following T-Dawg 2.0 style for macronutrient composition.

Active Rest Days
40%P(200g) 14%C(72g) 46%F(104g)

32%P(282g) 12%C(99g) 56%F(221g)

Carb Loading
20%P(226g) 50%C(555g) 30%F(146g)

My main protein source will be egg whites. I will also comsume beef, cheese, chicken breast, salmon, whole eggs & CytoSport Complete Whey.

Carbs are coming from oats, potatos and maltodextrin for post-workout. Fat from the protein sources, fish oil(12g/day) and extra-virgen olive oil. Broccoli & beans will add the fiber plus nutrients.

Supplements mostly from GNC are glutamine peptides, creatine monohydrate, multi-vitamin, fish oil, cla, BCAA & Vitamin C. I’ll throw some Uni-Liver for mineral and amino support.

I also have a simple fat burner (serving 4tabs day) from Weider Nutrition that contains chromium piconilate (200mcg), cinnamon powder (100mg), green tea extract (150mg), kola nut extract (550mg), cayenne powder(20mg) & caffeine anhydrous & caffeine citrate from kola nut (100mg).

Gardem Greens Essential 3000 Capsules (14 veggies, berries, algae, etc). GABA 2hrs before sleep to improve GH. ZMA to improve sleep.

It has taking me 3 months to put all this together. Overwhelmed with all the great info on the site.

The training plan i will follow is Coach Davies’ Fat-To-Fire with some adjustments for my current equipment. I own 300lbs of weights w/ Olympic bar($150), EZ curl bar, 5-35lb DB, adjustable bench, squat rack, lat pulldown, jump rope, concrete blocks, wheelbarow & a bicycle. Its a cheap Olympic style bench from Gold Gym products i got at Wal-Mart($100).

5’10" 193lbs 13% BF 21yr
Neck - 15.5"
Wrist - 7"
Forearm - 12.25"
Arm - 13.25" - Flexed - 15.25"
Shoulders - R16.5"
L16" (Side & Rear delts need improvement)
Chest - 42"
Waist -35.5"
Hip - 38.25"
Tighs - 24"
Calf - R16.75" L16.25"

I will post my progress bi-weekly.
Starting Date Dec 5!

lol…im a newb and its not that hard…maybe its my age…im 17…but for me its this easy, dont eat crappy food…work out and you’ll lose bodyfat. There’s no need to count every calorie you eat or talk about macronutrients…just dont eat candy, fast food…drink soda…and run every single day…once you down to the level of bodyfat you want just start eating alot more frequently and mainly protein and just get a lifting routine.

didi you get the nutrition stuff from CW’s carb cycling article?

i mean CT’s article

my other question is if your at 13% bodyfat why lose more? i’m not gonna tell you to bulk or anything, just curious, it seems like most people in thay range would try to get a lil bigger and then cut, again just curious

Well if you are going into the service, you will be running, so incorporate that daily into your routine, the bf will melt away especially in the beginning. i agree with facko, since you are young stay away from the junk, run and train and run and run and run.And i would suggest with your weight training to up the reps to like 15 to 20 for strength endurance. Train for when you go into the air force. because that is your goal.

I was thinking why not bulk and loose the fat at basic or before i ship out. I still got like 6-8months before i leave, really dont know the exact date. I just wanted to be ripped when processing just to intimidate everyone :slight_smile:

I might just try too increase my push up , situp and decrease my 2mile run time following 3x week weights : 3x week run : 1x week active rest. Im from the Caribbean so im not use to the GA cold but i will do it anyways. Alternating my morning cardio run to bicycle rides.

Actually the macros come from the T-Dawg 2.0 and the calorie cycling from the Anabolic Diet from Pasquale.

I’ll do the running 2-3hrs after breakfast. The intensity of the run is going to be higher than 65% so i wont try it fasted too much risk in muscle loss. I will do a fasted walk for 30min to get the metabolism burning.

cool, good luck, keep us posted