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Critique My Plan?


Hey guys, I've been thinking about starting a new plan for my squat and deadlift. I'm in the gym twice a week, Monday's and Thursday's. On Monday's I squat and Thursday I deadlift.

Squat 5x2 85% of max
Hack squat 5x2
Leg extension 4x15
Leg curl 4x15
Calf work

Deadlift 5x2 85%of max
Speed deadlift 5x3
Power clean+press 4x2
Pullups 3x10
One arm rows 3x10

Just let me know if you think I should be doing something differently or if you have any suggestions of things I should add in/take out. Thanks guys


Well you should probably bench at some point .....


Add bench to Monday.
Also I don't think you need speed deadlifts if you are doing power cleans.

What kind of progression are you planning to use? And what are you current stats and lifts?


My bench program is already set in stone so I didn't bother listing that


My stats are nothing special, I'm just entering grade 11 and I've been powerlifting for about 6-7 months


What do you mean as far as progression?


Why don't you pick a program that has proven to work and follow it?


You've got a good point, I was just hoping that if I tried this it might work.


Honestly bro, use a proven plan. I, and no doubt many others on this site, wasted time on inefficient self-made programs. Just throw the dice and choose a program. 5/3/1 would be ideal for your current stats, in my opinion. Plus it's flexible with literally dozens of templates.


I think you shopuld squat on both days


Amen. If I could travel back in time, I would go back to 11th grade grab myself by he neck and shake myself while yelling "DO 5/3/1!!!!!"
Trust me this guy just gave you the best lifting advice I bet you've ever heard kid!