Critique My Plan, Please?

Hi, first post, long-time lurker, etc… Just wanting some feedback on my cycle.

I’m 27, 230, with 20% BF (bad, I know). This will be my 3rd cycle, and my first one since my surgery on my torn labrum (botched take-down in a jiu-jitsu tourny- always LOWER never extend ;)!). I was in very good shape but lost most of it during my recovery phase, starting to get it back.

My first cycle was test-e @ 250mg/E3-4D, for 9 weeks. Was less informed this cycle and used ZERO PCT like a dumbass, but recovered fine. Didn’t even experience any TA this cycle. Awesome gains were made compared to my natural levels.

My second cycle was Sus-250 @ 250mg/E3-4D, for 12 weeks. Nolvadex was used as: 40mg/DAY on week 4, dropping 10mg every subsequent week (had a much more responsible mentor this time around). This time around I did get some TA around week 9 (which is what caused me to seek more intelligent advice). Gains were noticeably better than the test-e alone.

Plans for my next cycle are as follows:

WEEKS 1-12
-Sus-350 @ 263mg/E3-4D. (The odd number is due to me not wanting to inject 350mg. If only inject 3/4 cc then that will give me 263mg of sus every injection). I tend to be more conservative in my approaches of everything.

WEEKS 6-14
-HCG @ 250iu 2x/W starting at week 6 to help prevent the TA. Side effects scare the shit out of me which is why I’m so conservative with my dosing.

WEEKS 15-19
-Nolvaxyl @ 40mg/D on W15, 30mg/D on W16, 20mg/D on W17, 10mg/D on W18, 5mg/D on W19.


Any suggestions/changes?