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Critique My PL Program


My stats:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 220
Max BP: ~250
Max Squat: ~300
Max DL: ~350

Note: For anyone who is wondering why my Sqaut and DL numbers dropped, it's because I don't use a belt or knee wraps anymore.

From the feedback I received from my last post I put this PL program together:

Monday: Chest/Tris
Bench - 205 10x3
DB Incline Bench - 70's 4x6
Close Grip Bench - 135 3x6
Dips - 3x6
Skull Crushers - 95 3x5

Tuesday: Back/Bis
Bent-over Rows: 115 4x5
Pullups: 4x1-2
Lat Pulldowns: 150 4x5
One-arm DB Rows: 50 3x6
Straightbar Curls: 75 4x6
Hammer Curls: 35's 3x5
DB Curls: 35's 3x5

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Legs/Shoulders
Deadlift: 275 10x3
Squats: 250 10x3
One-Leg Squats: 45's 3x5
Calf Raises: 500 10x6
Good Mornings: 115 5x5
Military Press: 115 4x6
DB shoulder raise: 15's 3x5
Shrugs: 135 2x10, 185 2x6

Friday: Forearm/Ab/Misc.
Confusing ass exercises that would take to long to explain.

Any suggestions or anthything that needs to be tweaked?



Sorry Buddy, but that program is absolutely horrible and will have you overtraining almost immediately.

In all honesty, I've never seen someone try to do that much volume for each muscle group when trying to build strength. If you're really serious about this, go to deepsquatter.com and read every article written by Dave Tate and Louie Simmons. Don't interpret their advice and try to twist it, just follow what's written and you'll do fine.




you're young so you have plenty of time to get over this--
that's a bad workout

All I had to see was someone attempting 10x3 squats and 10x3 deads in the same workout.

You obviously didn't heed any of the advice given to you in the original post of yours.

Follow the advice given above or follow my previous advice. Find an author you like, grab a program that fits your current goals, and do it. I've been lifting for some years now and I get great results on all of Waterbury's stuff. I'm quite sure that Staley, King et al... also have great stuff.

Don't try to reinvent the wheel here. Others have done the science. You just need to put in the effort.


Ok, I throw the towel in. I'm just going to jump onto the westside bandwagon and hope I don't fall off, but jsut out of curiosity what other PL programs are there aside from westside and Total Body Training?


Well, as the others have mentioned, your program is pretty bad. Since you do like 10x3, and are interested in other programs, try chad waterburys the Art of Waterbury, or the Waterbury Method, both would seem great for your needs.


I wouldn't consider Total-Body Training a PL program. Looking for an alternative to Westside, you probably would be better off trying Strength-Focused Mesocycle by Chad Waterbury:




As others have said, your program was far from perfect. Let me ask you this: if you were making a powerlifting program, why would it be broken down by body parts? It's all about the movements in powerlifting, everything else is secondary.

When you work your bench press, you are working your chest and tri, true enough(among other parts), but don't think of it that way. Try to think in terms of, "What exercises will increase my bench," and not "What can I use to work my chest." Get it?


dude if your training for strength, you dont work bodyparts, work movements and lower the volume a bit...


Lower the volume a bit????

25 work sets is a 'tad' overmuch.

Lose 15 sets and you might have a decent workout in there somewhere.