Critique my Physique

Hey guys!
Alright, I’m 19 years old and I’m currently a little over a week out from my first men’s physique show. I need to gain a lot of size, and I have been meticulously planning my offseason training/diet protocol. I’ve realized I want to get really serious about competing, and I plan to take the next two years or so to gain size and work on my physique before competing again. ANY critiques on lagging muscles, tips, etc. would be appreciated.
. (I’m currently 5’8’', 160lbs dieted down, I was 185lbs in the offseason before this) .

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It’s pretty hard to judge any lagging muscles by this one picture only. Here it’s impossible to say how your back looks. Judging by this picture only, I would put in more trap work.

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Great job on your dieting. Looks you’re about where you should be in that regard.

You’ve got pretty good balance, but I’ll agree with the traps comment. Could definitely add size there. Your back overall could use quite a bit more size. That’s without a doubt your weak point. Your chest is a strong point.

Good luck at your show!

Yes that back shot strengthens your need for trap work even more. Your small waist and relatively wide back look great but I’d say you need to work to add more muscle on your back generally. Now it’s wide but there’s no substance to it.

Legs are looking great!

Hey for anybody interested, I won the teen class, and I also won my height class in the open! I placed second overall in open men’s physique, so I’m pretty excited as I’ve never competed before.

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Congrats man! Any competition pics available?

no not yet! npc news online is pretty slow about getting them up. As soon as I have them i’ll share them with you all! I have back to back shows, I’m actually 3 days out from the Natural Ohio now so I’m excited for that too.