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Critique My Physique at 23

training for 6 years and natty for 4. Two 8 week test & dbol cycles under my belt

These last 2 pictures were 1 day after finishing a 5 week pct.

Look damn solid, especially for 23. Whatever you’re doing keep it up!

Any specific goals? -training for a sport/physique show/powerlifting? etc

Thank you sir. Im aiming to do my first bodybuilding show in November 2017

I wish I could give you something more constructive to work with, but honestly, you just look like you’re doing a great job. Solid was the word that came to mind for me as well. You’ve got an appreciable amount of muscle built, and you’re pretty lean. Arms and delts are serious strong points. It could be posing, but it sort of looks like if anything is lagging, it would be back. And of course leg pictures would be useful for a full assessment.

I think your right about the back, i lack definition and maybe look a bit smoothed over. I think a tan would make a difference too. Ill take some leg pics later today and post em up. I would say my legs are definetly a weak point, i mean they are strong but they just dont have definition. Thanks for the response

Looking solid is right! Arms and delts are in real nice, got that action figure look going on.

Keep up the good work!

I know i know… ive been skipping more leg days than i should. Im working legs twice a week now up until i go for jaw surgery in november and then ill be hiring a coach for the whole deal, diet, training and protocols

that’s really not too bad. you’ve got some size there, you’ll get a better idea of what you’ve built once you start cutting.

Thanks for the response. I guess ill just keep at it

I d say calves you can train them several times a week, heavy, stretch them , heavy at high reps , hardest muscle , Arnold train them 6 days a week.

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Yeah good point. Ill up calve training to 4 times a week, im only hitting them 1-2 times a week right now but im doing about 5 sets of 25-30 reps and 4 variations of calf raises. Seated, smith machine with 230 pounds loaded on. Then toes in and toes out on the leg press with a mid weight and the last few sets i just pump them till they dont respond.

Still very good upper body, good tie ins, fullness. You are off to great start.

Looking very good man. Do you do any direct ab work?

Its more of a side thought if i feel i have time and energy after my main workout. Ive started making them more of a priority in the past few weeks. 15-20 minutes of intense ab work 3 days a week should be enough right?

Yeah that should definitely be enough, long as it’s done consistently. Typically I do 2 days a week for abs, 2 exercises for 5 sets each, usually rope cable crunches and ab wheel. So 3x a week would certainly be enough, and 2 might even work as well. You really have a pretty complete physique and will keep improving no doubt, abs seem to lack some of the definition you have everywhere else. It’s easy to spot the guys on stage who don’t prioritize abs, and having a great mid section makes every front post look that much better. Keep up the great work man, and keep us posted once you get ready to compete!

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5 days post surgery. Ive already dropped to 164 pounds. The tan is coming in nice… this MT2 is giving me a glow. Will update when i step into the gym early december.