Critique My Own PPL Program

Gender: Male
Weight: 192lbs
Height: 5’9 feet
Bodyfat: Around 25 to 30%

This is how i split my program:

I can only use resistance bands because in my country all gyms are closed because of the pandemic. Also, i have a radial bone fracture in my right arm(i can’t fully stretch or straight my right arm) so resistance bands is the best equipment for my mobility issues. I have consulted my doctor because this year i will be having a surgery so working out and strengthening my muscles would help according to my doctor.

Incline Chest Press: 3x12
Overhead Press: 3x12
Middle Chest Press: 2x15
High to Low Band Flyes: 2x15
One-Arm Side Lateral Raises: 3x15
Overhead Tricep Extensions: 3x15

Deadlifts: 3x12
Bent-over Rows: 3x12
Kneeling Wide Lat Pulldowns: 2x12
Kneeling Underhand Lat Pulldowns: 2x12
Widegrip Rear Delt Rows: 2x15
Narrowgrip Barbell Curls: 3x15
Facepulls: 3x15

Back Squats: 3x15
Resistance Bands Pullthrough: 3x15
Bulgarian Split Squats: 2x15
Hip Thrust: 2x15
Seated Calf Raises: 2x20-30
Standing Calf Raises: 2x20-30

Lying Leg Raises: 2x20
High to Low Woodchops: 2x20
Crunches: 2x20
Russian Twist: 2x20

Is the volume enough or the frequency is too much?
Is the program good enough or it lacks something or i need to change something?

I can only do 5 strict pushup max so i can’t incorporate it in my routine. Also, i can’t do a single pushups so i am incorporating some 2 negatives per set in the pulldowns. I’ve red that too many negatives can be destructive. I also incorporate deadhangs and handgrips to increase my grip strength. Should i incorporate or replace something with inverted rows?

As of now i’m cutting in order to lift my own weight to increase my pushups and pullups. Can you recommend some good calculator for me to know how much calories do i need to eat per day. Thank you guys. Much appreciated.

At your current strength levels (can not do 5 press ups) I would not be doing PPL.
You say you can’t incorperate press ups as you can;t do more than 5. My wife said this to me a few months back. She started off doing 2 sets of 3. She got to doing 40 press ups a work out in weeks.

If I were you I would be doing whole body - every other day. You do not need much work to get your body to change. No point doing 6 exercises when 1 or 2 would do.

By the sounds of it you have a chin up bar. And with the bands you have access to some good work outs.

Are you familiar with an ABA BAB system?

If not - then its as simple as it comes. Two work outs, work out A and work out B. You hit each muscle group once or twice a work out. You then do 3 works outs a week, alternating them.

I would recommend:
Work out A)
Press ups
Rows - using the bands off of the chin up bar
Squats - either using the bands or isometric holds on body weight
Glute bridge
Extras: lateral rises

Work out B)
Over head press with bands
Pull ups (start with holds and negatives and progress from here)
Lunges/split squats
Extras: curls and extensions.

For everything not an “extra” aim for 2-3 sets and set a rep or banded PR every work out. So either more reps with the same bands, or more / strong bands.

Eat healthy - the weight will come off with out you needing to “cut”.

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Do what @carlbm said, although I’d strongly consider doing band-pull throughs to train your glutes and hamstrings.

In regards to push-ups, I’ve had success getting some of my clients who are stuck at <5 push-ups to use one of these two methods.

OPTION 1, lots of practice at lower intensity:

Do 8 sets of 2 push-ups, every minute on the minute (set a timer for 8 minutes and do a set at the start of every minute). Don’t worry about increasing reps until they all look technically perfect and feel fairly easy. Increase reps by going to 4 x 3, 4 x 2 or straight to 8 x 3. Again, this method isn’t about slogging yourself with intensity. Do this at least three times per week, and up to 14 times per week (twice daily)


OPTION 2, higher intensity, lower volume:

warm-up with a few sets of 1-2 push-ups with adequate rest, then do 3 sets of clusters. A cluster, in this case, is where you rest 10 seconds between every rep. One set is as many reps as possible, resting 10s between reps, until your technique fails. Do 3 total sets, resting 4-5 minutes between sets. Track your rep PRs for one set and total reps across all 3 sets over time. Once you can do 25 total reps over the 3 sets (still clusters), move to taking a 10 second break between every 2 reps. Once you can do 40 total reps over the three sets, you will be more than capable of doing multiple sets of 8+ push-ups. Use this method no more than 3 times per week.

Good luck

Have you considered pushups from your knees?

100% agree. I’d forgotten these.

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swap ‘core’ day for sprints/hard conditioning work/long hike etc


Do you know what you’re eating now?

@carlbm @j4gga2 sorry for the late replies but i ask my doctor that incorporating too much pushups will affect my injury same in the pullups because my injury same as the pullups. That’s why when i am doing deadhangs my right arm is basically has nos strength anyway. What can i substitute to the exercises that will help me to be healthier and leaner? My doctor said that i need to strengthen my push muscles more to help with my theraphy. Specially the triceps and shoulders. The program i created. I am currently in that program for 2 weeks now i am enjoying it. But i want to ask you guys if you have better suggestions.

It looks like English is not your first language. And you have an injury.

I’m worried that if I try and help you there is a chance this will lead to a mistake and you’ll get hurt.
I’m bowing out. Sorry.

Find a professional. Doctors are great - but consult a physiotherapist.

@carlbm i said in my first post in the thread that i have a radial bone fracture. Thank you and i understand.

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You’re right. You did. However I did not understand its ongoing effect on your training.

Try the injury section of the forum. And good luck man.

If in doubt remember the principles of training. Start easy, get stronger slowly and stay consistent.

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Bit confused, has your fracture healed yet?

+1 on @carlbm 's advice

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@j4gga2 it is healed but i can’t fully stretch or straighten my right arm. I need to strengthen the muscles connected to my injury for easier rehabilitation after the surgery. My doctor told me to strengthen my muscles in my arm and shoulders. Strengthening them will help me to recover easier after surgery.

Right that makes sense. Is it your elbow, wrist, or both that are stiff right now?

@j4gga2 elbows. I cant fully lock my arms out. It’s like doing a bench press without doing the starting position part.

Makes sense, I wish you speedy recovery. See if you can get in touch with a sports or othopaedic physiotherapist, they’ll hopefully be able to bring your elbow back as soon as possible