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Critique My Oral Stack


Hey guys,

I'm planning to do the following stack for 6 weeks:

Anavar: 80 mgs ED
Winstrol: 50 mgs ED

1.) Should I do Winstrol EOD instead, if I take 80 mgs of Anavar ED?
2.) Is this stack very harmful for my liver? I know both Anavar and Winstrol are hemotoxic, so I want a stack that is safe for 6 weeks.
3.) Should I raise my Anavar dosage up to 100 mgs ED?

Your constructive replies will be highly appreciated!


I read conflicting views on Anavar. Cyborg says one should do 40mgs of Var with Winny. But members on this board says that Var wont come to effect unless I do 80-100mgs ED.

Can somebody help me out?


stats, cycle history, age.

Why these drug choices? What do you expect out of the cycle?



With the price of anavar I have to ask why?

I assume this cycle is designed to help you get leaner?!

Are you against injectables?

What is your experience with aas?


I dont like injectables. This is my first muscle stack ever, but I have done DNP and Clen/T3 cycles on over four occassions.

Anavar and Winny dont aromatize, and they are oral steroids. My goal is to mere gain 10-12 pounds.


stats and age?

Why don't you like injectables? used them? or are you just a pussy and afraid of needles? it's ok to be honest...

I don't think you will gain 10-12lbs with that cycle.

I think that cycle would be best if used for 'cutting' and I don't feel there are too many people advanced enough to properly make use of a 'cutting' cycle.

I do think you would see decent strength gains from it tho.



10lbs is a far cry from this stack mate.

Winstrol is really quite HEPAtoxic yes, and var is milder.. as for effective amounts i am confident (even having never used the product) that 40-60mg of var is a decent dose, with 80-100mg/d being a dose that those who are chasing results that the drug isnt meant to provide use.
60mg is a good dose and what i will use in the future.

Winstrol is IME no good used EOD, and needs at least 50mg/d to have an effect.
They will both increase strength but the muscle gain will likely be very very minimal.
Eating very high protein etc one may expect 5lbs or so and a reduction of fat mass with control of calories maybe.

There are many men who inject AAS even though they dont like injecting. I dont like oats but i still make sure i get them in my diet.



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I'm 21 now, 160 lbs, working out for 2 years so far.

I dont like injectibles because I've never injected myself, and am afraid I'll fuk up. My only experience with "steroids" has been with DNP and Clen/T3, all orals. Also, most injectibles, like Test-E, have side effects that include gyno and alopecia. (I am aware that these side effects can be protected with chemicals like Clomid) Finally, I'm short (5 ft 5), and I'm afraid that most injectibles will close my growth plates.

I agree that my stack seems to be more of a cutting stack, especially since Winny is used primarilly for cutting.

Thanks for ur input.


Yeah bro, I guess you are right. I'm going to further research on injectibles that will suit my goals, and come back here again. Sometimes one has to commit to things he doesnt want to do for the sake of attaining his goal.


Are you still growing at 21?


I know you put quotes around them, but they aren't remotely close to steroids.

The only injectables that cause gyno are the ones that aromatize. Same thing with orals. Dianabol is an oral steroid and can cause gyno. Clomid is not the drug of choice to prevent gyno. You really must do some research to clear up some of your misunderstandings.

You keep saying 'most injectables'. It sounds like you believe that injectable AAS preparations have a complete set of different characteristics than oral preparations. Orals can cause premature closing of growth plates as well. There are also injectables that may not close them, if used without testosterone.

When will you not be afraid that your growth plates are finished developing? A year? Two? 10? Sounds like a cop out just to avoid injectables.


It seems that the only steroids that won't close growth plates are the ones that dont aromatize. Injectibles that can fall in this category include Halotestin, Primobolan, Anadrol, and Deca.

Are those the injectibles you were referring to?


i think you are not ready to be doing any aas whatsoever yet. go read up more.


I read up on everything T-Nation has to offer. What else should I consult?


ok, you may have read everything T-Nation has to offer. but i dont think you have fully understood it, judging from your previous posts.

also, dont you think its a tad too early to start using aas? even if its just planning? you may have VERY good reason to use aas now. but i highly doubt it.


It seems as if you are making stuff up as you go...

Halo and Anadrol are not injectables. You missed a few 'non aromatizing' injectables as well, at least 3 off the top of my head.

A point I was tying to convey, that I guess I failed to communicate, was that if you are worried about growth plates just stay away from AAS in general. Seems too risky. Just my opinion of course.


What other 3 were u thinking of?


You say you have read up on what T-Nation has to offer on AAS yet i find this site to be severely lacking on AAS information, other than this forum. The articles are of a very basic level and few and far between.
If you cant find specialist Anabolic sites yourself, then you either need to try harder or get a new hobby, i suggest the latter.

Deca DOES aromatise and also Anadrol may increase estrogen directly. Drol and Halo are not and never have been injectable. You have a fundamental lack of all types of knowledge...

Another 3 injectables that do not aromatise are Trenbolone, Stanazolol and Drostanolone. But you knew that.

You seem to repeat things you have read - but incorrectly and without any understanding; Hemotoxic? 10-12lbs from var and winny? Steroids like DNP and Clen? Growth plate closing at 21? Disliking injectables due to side effects??
Shall i continue?

You are not ready for intelligent conversation on this site let alone a fucking cycle.
BTW, some of the most successful bodybuilders are of a short stature, think James LLewellin (UKBFF) - he is around 5'6" and is a god.

Either come back in a couple years or dont come back at all.. this thread is a clusterfuck.



You got PM bro :slightly_smiling: