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Critique my Oly Template


I've created this for myself and I want to get some feedback in general as a basic program.

Monday (Snatch Emphasis):
Power Snatch - 5x3
Snatch Pull - 5x3
Squat - 3x5
Snatch Grip Deadlift - 3x5

Tuesday (Overhead Emphasis):
Power Jerk - 5x3
Push Press - 5x3
Press - 3x5
Overhead Squat - 3x5

Thursday (Clean Emphasis):
Power Clean - 5x3
Clean Pull - 5x3
Front Squat - 3x5
Romanian Deadlift - 3x5

Friday (Assistance):
Weighted Pull-up - 3x5
Bench Press - 3x5
Pendlay Row - 3x5
Weighted Ring Dip - 3x5


Hi Xagunos!

What are your training goals? If you're training for weightlifting, the most glaring flaw is the lack of snatches and clean & jerks. :slight_smile:


I would agree. If you're looking to compete or get better at the Oly lifts, this is a fairly bad template/program. How new are you to the lifts?? What's the purpose of this program for you??


I am a complete beginner that's been training only slow lifts from the texas method but I want a program to get me familiar with the olys while maintaining a good strength base.


Learn to Sn
Learn to CJ

Do the bar work and add weight on to the bar slowly.

If you fail to do the bar work properly you will never Sn properly and wonder why that bar you just pulled above your neck, you failed to get under it. Not enough bar work.



If you want to still bench and row: bench on Thursdays and row on Mondays. 3 x 5-8 will probably be sufficient for both, but I wouldn't go too crazy. Pull-ups would probably be safe on Wednesdays or Thursdays.


if you want to learn olympics.... olympics should be the core of your training.

my 2 last weeks traning, 3 days per week


hang power snatch 5x4
jerk 4x4
clean 4x4


snatch 4x4
1 power clean + 4 push jerk 4x4
back squat 4x3


hang power snatch 4x4
hang clean 5x4
back jerk 5x4

after each day training i can do whatever, but olympics are the core of the training.