Critique My Nutrition

First a bit of background. I am 35. Training age is about 15 years, though only serious/with knowledge for the last 3. I am 6’2", 215lbs and hovering between 9-10% bf (as measure by electrical impedence and calipers, not ideal, but it’s the measurement that I had available). I am an FFB and have managed to (obviously) lean out quite a bit.

I finished CT’s Superhero program and I’m a week into Marion’s Stripped Down Hypertrophy. As an FFB I want to stay lean but I realize that I need a caloric surplus to make any hypertrophy program work. I thought I’d go for some outside opinions to see if I am very off on my nutrition/supps as I’ve really been focused on getting/staying lean the past few years.

Training: Marion’s Stripped Down HT Program 4-5x per week. 1-2x per week boxing training (essentially a cardio work out with limited strength training).

Alpha Male
BCAA’s (peri-workout)
Surge (peri/post workout)

Nutrition: (Spread out over 6 meals plus peri/post WO nutrition)

1/2 cup of oatmeal (lifting days) with a few raisins and cinnamon
double serving of cottage cheese (non-lifting days) with few raisins and almonds

2 whole Omega-3 eggs

Double serving of Vanilla Metabolic Drive

Salad with a lot of greens (cukes, brocolli, celery, etc), chick peas, grilled chicken, walnuts, olive oil based dressing
Lean beef and mixed beans (kidney and black) over steamed brocolli. Half a whole wheat pita

Metabolic Drive Bar

Pre-workout (lifting days only)
double serving of cottage cheese with few raisins and almonds
(non-lifting days will have some cashews or other nuts)

Peri/Post workout
Serving of Surge

PWO Meal/Dinner varies but is usually:
Meat (chicken, beef, turkey) Green veg (brussel sprouts) and a sweet potato or whole wheat slice of bread
1 large Orange

Handful of almonds

I drink water and green and black tea during the day

Does anything look really off? I’m I really short on calories for an HT program?
Thanks for any opinions.

how many calories are you getting? It dosent look to bad and i dont mean to sound like a walking advertisement but i would say get rid of the nuts before bed and replace it with fishoil and flax oil, its amazing stuff.

Nuts are just fine before bed IMO. However, I would add some protein to that pre-bed meal. In fact, your pre-workout cottage cheese is mainly casein (slow digesting) so it would make more sense to put it in your pre-bed meal. Choose some quicker digesting protein for peri-workout.

Looks good though.

Thanks for the replies, fellas.

I tend to take fish oil in the AM, unless I am having oatmeal. Then I move it to my last full meal of the day (keep hearing that oatmeal blocks digestion of fish oil). Would I be better served taking it pre-bed intstead.

Good tip on the pre-workout meal. Maybe I’ll shoot for some whey instead of the cottage cheese there.