Critique my Nutrition

first time Ive ever actually sat down and calculated everything out. I’m starting to plateau so I’m looking to refine my workout nutrition and everything so lay into me.

most every day i get:
6 eggs
1 lb beef 80/20 (usually tacos with low fat cheese and whole grain tortillas)
bout 3/4 gallon of milk
couple servings of broccoli

comes out to about 244g 247g 151g of proteins/carbs/fats respectively and about 3600cal

aside from this some weeks ill add some greek yogurt in the mornings and I try to get some oatmeal in before my workout and maybe a can of tuna depending on how much cash is left over after all the bar nights haha. most of my meals are focused post workout.

timing is never the same but i eat pretty much all day ( college student )

5g creatine pre/5g post workout.
typical preworkout mix

im 6’2. weigh about 188 when i wake up

current 1rm:

im attachting a couple pics. I dont know anything about posing haha. no pics of wheels cause i know theyre lagging.

im trying to fill out a little more/gain proportions before i start running another strength program but at the same time I dont wanna get any gain too much fluff. i just ate/ drank a ton so prob not the best time to take pics but whatever its pretty true to my physique i think

didnt realize you could post one at a time. sorry for crappy quality. im taking them from my macbook haha

what kinda dog is that in your avatar?

that seems like enough calories without actually being enough food. Is it a satisfying way to eat?

Personally I would drop the milk, or at least cut it down, and get more solid calories

Shes a Britney

and yah its pretty satisfying. i forgot to mention this just kinda a during the week thing. my drunken binders usually entail massive quantities of chipotle jimmy johns and some pizza places haha.

I figure you’re gaining weight.

How about some vegies/salad up in that mix? I freaking love a good salad full of meat. Damn, they are hard to beat… You’re not getting a very varied food source either. Mostly from milk I gather. Could go with some different fats… EVOO and or nuts too.