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Critique My Newest Program


I have a new program, which emphasizes bodyweight training.

I am planning on doing “Grease the Groove” style training: 4-6 sets of pull-ups (at 50% of rep max) and 6-8 sets of push-ups (stopping about three reps short of failure) six days per week.

In addition, I plan on Deadlifting twice a week, Bench pressing once a week, and doing Squats once a week.

I will also do four 400 M springs once a week.

Does it appear like I am doing too much?
Does this look like a good program?

For some background info on me, I am 22, have been training for six years. I have been doing Chad Waterbury’s 2X per day total body weight training program. I eat a lot of food, and get about 6 hours sleep per night.

Thank you

You’ll just have to try it and see what happens. Too much to you might not be too much for another guy and vice versa… try it for two weeks and see what happens.

ps- try getting more sleep.