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Critique My New Plan

Hey folks, once the bench press challenge is done, I’m going to go back to a 3 days a week TBT. I’ve been lifting for exactly 1 year. I’m 5"11 185 lbs. I don’t know my 1 RMs for sure except dl

Deadlift: 315
Bench: ~200
Squats: actualy no idea, but I generally do 185 for 10 without difficulty.
Chins: 11 reps

Here’s the plan, I’d like to know what you think about it:

Day 1

All exercises 5x5 with 2 minute breaks.

  1. Power Clean

  2. Incline Bench [or Military Press]

  3. Chins [or Pulls]

  4. Abs [this one 4x12]

Day 3

All exercises 4x10 with 90 second breaks

  1. Squat

  2. Flat Bench [or Dips]

  3. Bent over Rows [or Horizontal Cable Rows]

  4. Farmers Walks.

Day 5

All exercises 10x3

  1. Deadlifts

  2. Incline Bench [or Military Press]

  3. Chins [or Pulls]

  4. Abs [this one 4x12]

The idea is to do it this way for 2 months and then make the Day 3 exercises the Days 1 and 7 exercises. i.e After two months I would do Flat bench on day 1 and day 7 for 5x5 and 10x3 and Incline Bench on Day 3 for 4x10.

This way I’m hoping I can train exercises for strength and then put them on Day 3 to gain size. After 2 months of that I’ll switch the push/pull exercises to be perfromed so that Incline Bench becomes Military Press and Flat Bench becomes Dips. After 2 months I’ll then switcht those exercises between the days. And so forth.

My hope that this plan will give me enough variability [rep ranges, times doing an exercise per week, and exercises performed] within the same routine, so that I can get into a habit without doing a stale workout.

I’m still humming and hawwing over what kind of cardio parameters to do on the off days. Nutrition will be Berardi.


Seems like you’ve thought it through…good luck!

Ok, let’s see.

Day 1, why rest 2min? 60sec is fine for low reps. I hope 10x3 day also has 60sec rest.

Why Day7, shouldn’t it be day 5 as in Mon-Wed-Fri?

Two months is a stretch and if you’re going to change after that then switch over to LFGB or AoW or WM or at least alter the rep ranges more. Sticking with 4x10, 5x5 and 10x3 for half a year isn’t a good idea. At least change it to 3x12, 4x6 and 9x4 for variety’s sake.

Don’t worry about weight lifted - form and volume is FAR more important. Use lighter weight rather than heavier. Increase your volume every week by adding 1 set of at least 1-2 reps(or whatever you can pull off without burnout) to each exercise. After the two months are up take 4 days completely off weighttraining.

good luck