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Critique My New 3-Day Routine

have decided that i want a change in routine and want to do a 3 day full body routine

For squats, I will pick a weight I can do just 10 reps with. Then rest pause until i get to 20 reps

Session 1:
20 rep squats 1x20
Dumbbell Pullover; 1x12
Romanian Deadlifts; 2 warms, 1 work set of 6-10 reps
Weighted Pullups; 2 warms, 1 work set of 6-10 reps

Session 2:
20 rep standard deadlift 1x20
seated military press; 2 warms, 1 work set of 6-10 reps
Hang Cleans;2 warms, 1 work set of 6-10 reps

Session 3:
20 rep squats 1x20
Dumbbell Pullover; 1x12
Incline Bench Press; 2 warms, 1 work set of 6-10 reps
Barbell Rows; 2 warms, 1 work set of 6-10 reps
BB curls 3sets 6_10reps
narrow grip bench press 3 sets 6_10reps

basicly i need an exercise to replace hang cleans, not including power cleans. I have been recomended to deadlift but i have already got a deadlift set on that day, do you think it would be okay to then do another set of deadlifts where the hangcleans are for that rep range?

also would you say there is enough overall volume in this program? do you think i should another set of military presses on wednesday as cleans are not there anymore (prefered), or should i add a bench press set in the 6 to 10 rep range on monday?

I am worried about the lack of possible shoulder devlopment with this program


id be worried about a lot more than just shoulder development problems.

can we get some stats?

Stats and what are you looking to accomplish with this program?


been training for about a year, have not had the greatest of results, that was mainly down to poor form and a program that my gym instructer gave me based on isolation exercises and not enough compounds, had to learn the hard way.

but my form is realy good now, diet has always been nailed on just poor technique and program…

well i was given this by a PT who claimed to of had great results with this program… but if you thinks its shit i would appreciate a program that someone could design for me or something on here i have heard 3 day full body routines based on compounds yeild the best results, im looking to bulk up


By stats they meant stuff like: height, weight, weights moved in: the bench press, squat, and deadlift at least.

Whether a 3-day TBT split is effective is debatable based on what your goals are. Given that you are posting in the bodybuilding forum, I don’t think it is best for that particular goal.

Further, if your form is not even decent, I highly doubt a 20-rep set of deadlifts will do you much good. In fact, I’d imagine it’d probably cause you more harm than good.

oh sory 5 ft 11
weigh 175 pounds

bench 1 rep max 75
dead 78
do not know my squat
form is not an issue anymore, i have imporved it tremendously
i have read that a 3day split is best for gains if your training naturally

You put your weight in pounds, are your lifts in pounds also?

[quote]illgixxer wrote:
You put your weight in pounds, are your lifts in pounds also?[/quote]

i hope not.

first off, i doubt your nutrition is “nailed”. if it is, let us know what you are doing as far as intake. maybe you can teach us a thing or two? secondly, where did you read that 3 day total body training is the best for gains for a natty?
thirdly, constructing programs based on absolutely NO knowledge is a good way to spin your wheels. you have neither the experience nor knowledge to construct a program that will work at this point.

try 5/3/1 or another proven program. build a good base, learn about yourself and what you respond to, and then start to tinker.

okay well my a rough idea of diet:
shake, oats with half a pint of milk
post shake with sugary fruit
salmon with veg and swet tates
steak with white tates and veg
mix nuts with 3 whole eggs
smoked trout or tiger prawns
casien protein with peanut butter

have read that 5/3/1 is more for the slightly more expienced lifter

i dont get this deadlift = to bench max thing everyone seems to have. my max dead is probably almost double my max bench ( not that either are extraordinarily high)

i was thinking of doing push pull and legs

monday_ 5 sets of deads 6-8 rep range
chinups until failure
5 sets of bentover rows 6_10 reps
3 sets of laterial pulldowns 10_12 reps
3 shrugs 10_12 reps
3 sets of bicep curls 6_10 reps
2 sets of preacher curls 10_12 reps


4 sets of incline bench presse 6 _10 reps
2 sets of bench press 6_10reps
4 sets of miltary press 6_10 reps
2 sets of laterial raises 12_15 reps
3 sets of BB narrow grip bench press 6_10reps
2 sets of cable rope pushdown 12_15 reps


1 set of squats 20 reps, do as much as i can for up to 10 reps then rest pause untill i hit 20 reps
4 sets of leg press 12 to 15 reps
4 sets of stiff leged deadlift 10_12 reps
and calf work

I know there is not a lot of chest work but i want to emphasise my arms more as they are lagging

      so what do you guys think?


Your arms aren’t lagging. Your body is lagging. Get more size and the arms will come up. At 5’11"/175 you’re pretty skinny.

Stop trying to find some perfect program, you obviously don’t know what works for you and what doesn’t, so stop trying to build your own.

Choose one and stick with it for 3 months, eat plenty:
Bill Starr’s 5x5
Westside Barbell for Skinny Bastards
Starting Strength

i was thinking of 5x5 but i read up it is recomened for intermediates, and people who arnt that will put on more muscle doing a different program

[quote]mofo wrote:
i was thinking of 5x5 but i read up it is recomened for intermediates, and people who arnt that will put on more muscle doing a different program[/quote]

You’re seriously over-thinking things. Do 5x5, eat tons, GOMAD, grow, come back when you have a good basis for strength. Stop listening to moronic PT’s.

okay i really do want to do 5x5 actually i know its hard to put an amount to eat but i have read that you should eat at least 20 x your body weight for calories, would this suffice on 5x5 i plan on eating more tbh around 22x body weight in pounds

Again, over thinking it. 20x/bodyweight in calories is a very general guideline to go by, and is usually a “maintenance” guideline. Shoot more for 25x. If you can’t put on a lb or 2 a week that way, then up it more. Keep it simple.

You are not going to be able to perform 10+breathing squats twice a week.

Westside for Skinny Bastards


i have a slow motabilism so i put on weight easily i can easily put on 2 pounds a week with a 3300 calorie diet but am planning on eating 3500 calories, sound okay?