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Critique My Meet Lifts


Feel free to critique my meet lifts and offer any thoughts as to what I can work on for my next meet in 9 weeks.

I am 6'3" 105kg been doing the lifts since last March. Gym bests are 85 and 103.5. Right wrist kept me from snatching heavy the last two weeks, though I did manage to work up to 75 the Monday before the meet.

75 and 77.5 felt strong in my warm ups.

First snatch (81)

2nd (81)

3rd (84)

Clean & Jerk:
1st (97)

2nd (101)

3rd (104)

Thanks in advance!


In the snatch you are raising your hips so far ahead of your chest and you start with them way low. This can mess up the rest of the lift as it makes the balance go off in some way or another. You need to get to the proper starting position and stand up keeping your back angle the same for as long as possible and then do the 2nd pull hard and fast. I also think your arms are pretty tight, which causes the bar to go forward and then you pull yourself forward as well. I also think you are dropping your head down a bit in the catch.(something i also do sometimes)

In the clean and jerk again same thing with the hips which makes the bar go forward. Notice that the bar slows down significantly in the "Transition" from the 1st to the 2nd pull.

The jerks look decent to me. In the first one I think when you drove back up you went a bit too far forward in my opinion. Other than that try to get the front foot more forward and keep the back leg a bit more loose


Its fine to start in a squat as youre doing but you need keep your butt low throughout the lift. As someone said, your hips are rising too fast. You need to use your back when lifting off the floor so that you not only keep it flat (as you do) but also to keep your chest up relative to your butt.


what I mean by starting with hips low, I mean when the bar starts coming off the platform.. they seem to be at the same or below level as the knees. You want shoulders higher, hips lower, knees even lower. So basically the hips should be somewhere between knee and shoulder level


Read this, it will save me typing: http://cathletics.com/articles/article.php?articleID=49


I'm with lordstorm on this, your butt is too low in the start and as you stand up your hips are back and your having to pull the bar into your lap to try and place it, this is causing a hitch and your leaving the bar out front. You also have a slight hitch in the clean and again it's due to hips rising then stopping and the shoulders coming up again your having to pull the bar into your lap and place it.

On the jerk shorten your dip a bit, keep it controlled and sharp.


I do appreciate the feedback and the discussion that has followed. It was suggested to me to do reps w/pauses below the knees - so I ran with those this evening ( no videos tonight).

Very interesting article you linked to. I am rereading it to digest all the details.

Onward and upward...


The main issue isn't the starting position imo. He does start low but if you look when the bar comes off the floor his hips are higher. The angle between hip and shoulders isn't too bad imo. A small hitch but no more then any pro that starts with low hips that rise throught he start position IMO.

First Snatch, you didn't really finish and you let th bar hang out in front a bit, look at where it is when you recieve the bar. It's in front = it'll fall down

The MAIN ISSUE IMO is your speed under the bar. Film youself doing a full Snatch from your tip toes, SEE HOW FAST YOU GO UNDER THE BAR. This is the MINIMUM SPEED YOU SHOULD EVER go under the bar in a fulL Snatch. I bet you can do it faster with an empty bar then your currently doing. With a loaded bar you should be able to go faster as you can use the weight to sling shot yourself under it :slight_smile:

Jerk, your back foot needs to be more bent, the heel can be much higher so it's raised towards the sky this will push your knee and hips to be more square, but this is a minor issue. Just need to work at Jerking more to get the fat numbers.

Some good lifting man!



I also just noticed, if you pause any video when the bar is at mid-thigh it seems like you are pulling it in with your arms. I've heard some people think this to be correct because it keeps the bar close to your body, I personally think you should keep your arms loose. If your balance remains on your heels, your arms are loose, your back is tight, then you only need to do the first pull correctly(rising hips/shoulders at the same time) and the bar should be in a relatively vertical path close to the body.

edit: I do agree with koing btw that the main issue is the speed under the bar but personally I've found that if you don't do the 2nd pull correctly, (and if you don't do the 1st correctly its likely the 2nd pull won't be good either) then you can't really get that slingshot effect, instead its going to feel more like you are pulling up hard and like its really hard to "turn on the reverse" and get back down. At least from my experience if I do a strong and fast 2nd pull I automatically get back down fast.


Thanks all for the input - much appreciated!

here are a few clean and jerks for further review


I think they look better. There's still a bit of hip rising ahead of the shoulders at the start but not as much. I also think it would help if you pulled yourself under the bar during the dropping under the bar. You seem to just be thinking to turn elbows fast instead of pulling yourself under(by pulling the bar straight up with arms) and then turning the elbows fast. That will keep the bar closer to the body and make you catch it faster.

In the jerks, need a bit further ahead the front foot(and a bigger platform!) and try to get your head through a bit more, it will help


Thanks for the input as I'm always looking to improve.

Oh, we do have bigger platforms at our weightlifting club! This is our local school district's fitness center - God bless them that they at least have rubber bumper plates, a platform of some kind, and allow the district residents (me) who pay taxes to use the facility!