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Critique My Meal Plan

I have been working out hard for the past month, after a short layoff once my lacrosse season ended, and haven’t seen the size gain I had been hoping for. Before I started working out I was only eating around 2100 calories a day so I cleaned it up and bumped my calorie intake to 2500. Strength gains are coming along well but after a month I still only weigh about 163lbs I have gotten leaner and told I look bigger but am starting to feel hungrier so I wanted to increase my calories again to 2750. Below is my idea of what may work as a breakdown

Wakeup (5:30)/Pre-workout: 1scoop MusclePharm Assault (9 carbs)
Post Workout (7:00): 1 Scoop protein powder, 2 pieces of whole wheat (44g carbs, 36g protein)
Meal 1 (8:30): 200grams chicken, 150grams sweet potato (31g carbs, 65g protein)
Meal 2 (11:00): 200grams chicken, 150grams sweet potato (31g carbs, 65g protein)
Workout #2 1:00-2:00/ Post workout: PB sandwich, 1 scoop protein Powder (50carbs, 41 protein)
Meal 3 (5:00): 5oz ground beef and turkey 95% lean, 1 cup brown rice (cooked) (45 carbs, 31protein)
Meal 4 (7:00): 100grams chicken, 1oz pasta (19 carbs, 36 protein)
Meal 5 (9:00): 100grams chicken, 1oz pasta (19 carbs, 36 protein)

Calories: 2731calories, 238carbs, 59g Fats, 308g protein

Be lean and mean, basically I want to continue to be lean but also build muscle (I know I know the best of both worlds)

Side question: I consider myself pretty lean, standing unflexed I have the cut of the bottom of the 6pack becoming more defined, but I still carry excess fat around my obliques and back of the my hips. I hate it, and am wondering if anyone has any suggesstions to help get rid of it. I do sprints and prowler, high intenseity stuff, but it doesn’t disappear.

here is my log http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/fallball_is_coming