Critique My Mass Program

Ive been reading this site for two years now but just recently started posting. I am 18 5’8 185 lbs not sure about body fat. I love CW’s routines because I love lifting heavy so I thought I would create one similar to his.

Monday 60 sec rest between supersets
Front Squat 10x3 6RM superset
Decline Situp 6RM
Wide Grip Press 10x3 6RM superset
Dumbbell row 10x3 6RM

Wednesday 90 sec rest
Good Morning 3x12 15RM superset
Weight Leg Raise 3x12 15RM
Incline Dumbbell Press 3x12 15RM superset
Lat Pulldown 3x12 15RM(cant do 15 pullups yet)

Friday 75 sec rest
Back Squat 6x6 8RM superset
Pull down Abs 6x6 8Rm
Close Grip Press 6x6 8RM superset
Barbell Row 6x6 8RM

My diet is pretty influenced by John Berardi. Currently I am getting around 3500 calories which approximately a 40% protein 40% carb and 20% fat. I will try to slowly bump up calories as long as I dont get too much bulge going on. I am in college so my food choices arent as clean as I would like but i have little choice. I have two tubs of Low-Carb Grow!, some fish oil caps, ZMA, and Power Drive for supplements. I dont really take the Power Drive unless im feeling rundown after a workout.

Im not that afraid of putting on some body fat during the winter but I would still like to keep it to a minimum. For a typical workout day my diet would look like this. To save space i drink two large glasses with each meal

Meal 1 8:00 AM
1 Big omelette
6 Pieces Bacon( i cant help myself)
1 Apple
3 Fish Oil Caps
1 Cup Coffee w/ cream

Meal 2 10:30-11 AM
2 Small Chicken Breasts
1 Large Salad(Romaine Lettuce, spinach cherry tomato, mushroom, balsamic vinegar dressing)
2 Bananas

Meal 3
Pretty much same as meal 2

Meal 4 PWO Shake
2 Cups Chocolate Milk
1 Scoop Low-Carb Grow!
1 Banana
1 scoop creatine
2 Fish Oil Caps

Meal 5 PWO Shake 2
Same as above but with strawberries instead of banana

Meal 6
Large Plateful of Pasta w/meat sauce
Salad if i can stomach it

Meal 7
2 Cheeseburgers without bun
2 Slices Provolone cheese
3 Fish Oil Caps
-I know cheeseburgers arent the best but they are on of the few thigns available everyday at the dining hall.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

At a fast glance, I see no dead lifts. I do not know if I would recommend doing squats 2x a week. Substitute one of these with conventional dead lifts. Also, it might be good to throw in Romanian dead lifts/glute ham raises.

Help this helps a little bit,

I have been using deads as my primary lift for several months and I feel like my quad strength doesnt match my posterior chain strength.

No worries about squatting twice a week, some of the most successful programs of all time have been based on squatting 3x/week…I think you did a real good job putting things together.

Hope you report back on how it goes…

Best of luck

I will try to check in maybe in a few months with how things are going but as of now i dont have a camera so I will see what I can do.

The only thing missing is posterior chain work