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Critique my Madcow Programming?


Hey I was wondering if I could get some critiques on my current madcows intermediate 5x5 programming so fire away. If you have any criticisms about the volume and anyway I could progress faster please tell me.

5 foot 8
BF: no idea

SQUAT: 142.5kg for 5 (ATG)
BENCH: 105kg for 5
DEADLIFT: 170kg for 5 (dead stop)
PUSH PRESS: 75kg for 5
BARBELL ROW: 110kg for 5 (90 degree angle and bar is off the floor, similar to a pendlay and I pull the weight hard to my nipple area)


SQUAT 5x5 ramping
BENCH 5x5 ramping
BARBELL ROW 5x5 ramping (done at 90 degree angle and accelerate the bar to the nipples/lower chest off the floor)

accessory: 2x10 stiff legged deadlift (i havent got any access to hypers or GHR and I believe it transfers to my deadlift very well) 4x10 weighted rope crunches.



accessory's: 5x5 chin ups, 3 sets of sit ups (bodyweight, close to failure/too failure 1st set, 2nd and 3rd I match the first set in reps)

SQUAT 4X5 1X3 1X8
BENCH 4X5 1X3 1X8

accessorys: 3 sets of weighted dips 5-8 reps (usually i do 8 reps and then add weight once I can do more) 3 sets of straight bar curls, 3 sets of behind the head rope tricep extensions (theres a lot of heavy pressing with compounds so I thought doing some kind of behind the head tricep builder would be best).

main goal: I want to achieve a 140kg bench, 180kg squat and 220kg deadlift AT LEAST at a bodyweight of under 83kg (183lb) but im willing to be heavier if i need to be but I dont want to be over 90kg when I achieve those numbers.

I also have an interest in bodybuilding so I want to be reasonably lean and have a good physique

My question is do you think my current program is enough to enable sufficient gains in size and strength or am I lacking some additional volume? im following the program as written by madcow to the T however I cant help but think maybe I should do some addition work for arms/shoulders. Im more than happy to not add ANY additional exercises because my progress has been going very well however if you guys feel like im short doing it and I could get away with doing more volume for the upper body and grow at a faster rate then I would possibly change some parts of it.

Also If in the future I ever decide the join the dark side (use anabolics) do you think my program includes enough volume/frequency in order to progress at 95%+ or will I make better/faster progress with more volume?