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Critique My Low Back Sparing Routine

I put up another version of this but with zsquats in another subforum.

This is v2 and ive been running this a few weeks now lile this, but ive done something similar for months before.

Anyway im rehabbing a chronic back injury that limits what i can do by alot.

Seems like all bilateral stuff is a nono and also most direct lower back stuff.

I do daily rehab in a circuit 3-5 times per day to relearn my body to move through the hips more.

I do all these for 5reps then wait 1hour and repeat

Prone glute bridge

curl up

1leg glute bridge

Side laying clams

birddog(first arms then legs then both)

pnf lift(half kneeling then tall kneeling)

1leg hip hinge

oh squat(broomstick 1/4rom)

As for the routine i do a 2day full body split.


Dips:weighted 4x5

Pullups: bw 5sets

Walking lunges: 3sets

Standing Oh press: 3x10

1leg rdl: 3x10

swiss ball rollouts: 3sets

Hip thrusts: 3x10

Half kneeling band 1arm rows: 3x10

Bird dogs: 3x10

Grip work:


Chins: Weighted 5x5

Dips: weighted 4x10

Trx single leg squat: 3sets

Trx inverted rows: 4sets

1leg rdl: 3x10

Prone glute bridge: 3x10

Half kneeling landmine press: 3x10

Swiss ball stir the pot:3sets

Bird dogs: 3x10

Grip work:

Also on off days i do band prehab stuff plus more grip work and i ride alot on my bike for cardio since running doesnt work with my back to well.

So what do you think about this setup to train around my injury untill i can do bilateral stuff again?