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Critique My In-Season Lifting


Hi friends.
As most of you know Im in the process of embarking on my comeback into the football world. Ofcourse that means more conditioning work. I would like to keep some of the strength I have gained over the summer(I added 8kg of stone cold muscle to my frame).
How does this routine look for in-season? Goal is to keep a decent amount of muscle on me.

dB flat bench(5 sets of 8)
dB inline bench(3 sets of 8)
flat bench flyes(3 sets of 10)
superset weighted dips and pushup(3 sets of 8 reps each)

Im planning on alternating between heavy squats and heavy deadlifts every 6 weeks(probally do 5/3/1), with some accessory work at the end. I was also thinking about maybe adding power cleans to this, although I have never done those before and will be talking to my PT about this next week.

Friday or Saturday:

If I do deadlifts on Thursday;
standing barbell milatary press(5 x 5)
standing dB press(3 sets of 10)
lateral raises(3 sets of 12)

If I do squats on Thursday:
superset wide grip pull up with close grip chins (3 sets of 7-10 reps each)
barbell rows(3 sets of 8)
standing dB press( 3sets of 10)
dB rows(3 sets of 10)
lateral raises(3 sets of 12)

So what do you think? Too much? Not enough? Should I be doing full bodyworkouts instead?
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