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Critique My HF Training Program

Please tell me what you think:

One armed rows
standing biceps bar curl
seated calf
hamstring curls

day 2:
2x5 Bench press
2x5 Decline Bench dumbells
2x5 Incline Bench dumbells
Military Press
Lateral raises
Standing Calf

day 3:
bulgarian split squats

day 4:

day 5:
start cycle over

As you can see, this means just under two times per week for each workout day.

What do you think? My biggest genetic weakness is my chest and my greatest strength is my upper back.

If you hard deads it will be very hard to do squats with only 1 day rest… I dont believe you can recover that fast - you will have to compromise on weight and development…

Yeah that’s the single biggest concern of mine with this program. I’m not sure what to do about it. The deadlift works your posterior chain so I feel it has to be on the “pull” day (day that works the rest of the posterior chain and antagonist muscles).

However, adding “push” leg work (squats, quads) into that same day would make it a 2 hour workout or something – too much for one day and out of balance with the rest of the program.

Anyone have any suggestions?