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Critique My Half Body Split


I tried to make account of the T-Nation emg test.

I work out three times a week and alternate


Slightly Incline Dumbell Press
Face Pull
Parallel grip ring chinup (I have no fixed parallel grip, does it matter?)
Barbell Curl


Wide grip pullup
Barbell pullover
Rope Triceps extension
A1 One Leg Squat (I have no rack..) max
A2 machine leg extension max
Seated cable crunch

Can you help me to correct it? Thanks !


Is this the order that you do these exercises? If so then why is deadlift last on the A workout? You are doing pull-ups and chin-ups in both workouts? What type of sets X reps are you performing with this workout?

In regards to the EMG test, always remember that what works for someone may not work for you.

Also, what are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish by doing this workout?


I pull up on each workout but it's biceps in A and back in B.
I try to grow, being intermediate, and I don't care so much about definition.

Yes it's the order.. Why couldn't I do deadlift finishing the work out?




Its usually one of the first in a session because its such a major lift and you should prioritise that above the rest. I always have either squat, deadlift or bench as my first movement after a warm up.


I actualy do them at the end to finish me up.. And I don't have much weight so it's not so major.

Despite of this, is the routine good?


What kind of equipment do you have to work with?


Barbell, Dumbells, a inclinable bench, a high and low cables, wide grip pullup bar, rings, and 160lbs...


What should I do then? Thanks.




I would try to do triceps at the end of your chest day, and save the bicep work for your back day. That way, you are not working triceps on every day (since they are hit pretty hard for the presses). Likewise, biceps are used for most pulling exercises, so save those for the end of your back day. You may also want to work in some shoulders - probably after your presses on day 1.


Thanks, but many splits do pec/biceps too, no? I can't with a 2 days split because I don't have enough exercices?

How about :


Incline DB press
Triceps Rope extension
Cable Crunch


Barbell pullover (to recall triceps, and pre fatigue lats)
Pull up
Inverted Row
Barbell Curl
A1 One leg Squat
A2 Leg extenson


Looks better - use the pullovers mainly for warm-up (they are great for that). That leaves the pullups as your major multi-joint back work which is good. The deadlifts are mainly working lower back and glutes, so they can be done on your chest day. Still don't see any shoulder work (with the exception of the face pulls which mainly work rear delts).

You may want to consider a 3 day split with chest, back, and legs/shoulders. 2 day splits are much harder to balance out.


If you are going to do a 2 day split, I suggest doing Upper/Lower and adding biceps/forearms to your lower day. If you want to do a 3 day split (personally what I would recommend) then divide your split into an upper pull, upper push, and lower body day.

With only 160lbs of weights, you are eventually going to outgrow your equipment.

Also, make sure you are getting enough hamstring work. SLDL's or RDL's is what I would use with your equipment.


I thought presses would work the front delts enough.

Actually I tried to make a legs day but when you can't squat nor do heavy deadlift, it's boring, and I had no motivation.. So I split it up. I like fullbody more than split but I stopped growing from fullbody and try to change, but I don't want to split too much, that's why I make a 2 days split.

Thanks a lot.


And, after presses, both shoulders and triceps are to finish, is it a good choice to do rope extension first like in this programme?

Thanks again.


(Last) Up.


Erhh.. Another one.

I really seek for balance in muscle that involve shoulders, mine are messed up.

The facepull balance presses but do I need more front delt work (vertical push) to balance the pull up (vertical pull)?