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Critique My “Get Out of a Rut” Program

Hey friends, I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. Long story short, I’m going to make up my own program to get me by the next few weeks until my lower back recovers and I’m ready to take on a “ proper program “. Please critique for any obvious issues:

3 workouts a week: A, B and C.


  • 5 set superset of weighted pull-ups(3-5 reps, with standing overhead dB press (5-10 reps).
  • 3 set superset of Bulgarian split squats (10 reps), with bosu ball hamstring curls (10 reps).


  • 5 set superset of dB bench press (6-10 reps), with chest supported dB rows (8-12 reps).
  • 3 set superset of GHRs (8-12 reps), with pallof press (10-12 reps).


  • 5 set superset of reverse barbell lunges (5-8 reps each leg), with weighted dips (8-10 reps).
  • 4 set superset of seated pulley rows (10 reps), with some incline bicep curls (8-12 reps).
  • 4 sets of farmer walks or sled pushes.

Please critique for any obvious deficiencies. Feel free to suggest alternatives. Thanks in advance.

Uncle Bird.


No offence @theBird mate but you’ve been posting here for 10+ years, have posted pics of a top tier physique at points and have sound knowledge

Do you really need a ‘critique’?

Stop fucking about in your head, get to work and spread those wings mate.


They’re each pretty simple, which I like.

What happened to your low back?

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Do your McGill exercises before the weights twice per week. Tune up your alignment with the easy stuff before the Real work.

Maybe, maybe do single leg RDLs instead of glute/hams and half kneeling press instead of standing press for a few weeks, to square up your hips and use slightly less weight while your back recovers.


@FlatsFarmer noticed the GHR thing too. That one works my lower back hard in a way I wouldn’t want to do it if my low back was tweaked personally.

One more suggestion I have is doing gliding hamstring curls:

I find supine movements that work the P-chain are great when I want to give the low back some time to decompress while still giving it stimulation. You can also do inverted rows, straight leg hip extensions and hip thrusters using similar setups with just adjusting the height of the bar and/or your feet that work the P-chain while giving the spine a break.

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With out knowing more info (training experience, strength level, equipment) it is hard to comment.

But assuming you are in a covid hit area - you lack access to equipment / machines in a gym the only thing I can see is - belt squats. If you are doing weighted dips and pull ups you have access to a dip belt. (I assume). Add weight, and bend those knees.
This allowed me to keep squats in my programme while I had back issues.
Good luck.


@ChongLordUno : Thanks for the compliment bro. I will forever have a white belt mentality. Besides I have learnt so much from the t-nation community and there are lots of people here that are much smarter than me.

@SkyzykS : Lower back issue is an old ongoing issue. Pain on the left side of my lower back and upper gluteus, no pain down the leg or anything. It hasn’t really bothered me for the past 2 years and I put that down to the extra mobility I have got from my BJJ training.

@FlatsFarmer : Will do! I have actually just placed an order for one of McGill’s books in the hope to learn more about my issue. I think single leg work will became a large part of my future, and I like the idea of the half kneeling press… my hips atm do feel a little skewed.

@Fletch1986 : Thanks bro. Those will be useful for the first couple of weeks.

@carlbm : not in a COVID hit area but I workout in a minimalist gym without many machines. I got various bars, dB’s, GHRs, pulley machine and bands. I probably could make a squat belt, but I’m afraid that looks like movement I need to a avoid initially, but may be an idea once my back feels better.

Thanks again friends.



I’ll echo @carlbm that the belt squat is at least worth trying out (depending on what your lower back issue is). I’ve had some injuries and the belt squat tends to be decompressing - my lower back actually might feel better after I’m done than worse.


Belt squats are totally easy to set up with a BB and a shoe. Make a jerryrigged landmine by putting the back of a tennis shoe against anything substantial (I use a thick tree trunk) and putting one end of the BB into the shoe and for everything I’ve done including tosses back forth in my hands it stays put in the shoe.

I’d like a dip belt for convenience, but I use a chain with a shower towel wrapped around to pad my back. Just use small plates for full ROM.

Face away from the shoe to isolate the quads or face the shoe for more balanced stimulation of the lower body.

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Would echo last two posts regarding landmine belt squats. These are the only squats I do now as I have had so many recurring lower back issues. You can drop the load more by pre-exhausting the quads.

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