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Critique my Front Squat, Please


I use a clean grip. It seems like I fall forward a bit on the heaviest reps. This was my last set, where the form issues tend to show up a bit more.

Some queues I focus on:

-elbows up
-tight stomach
-push knees out

I'd appreciate any input, as this is probably a lift I'll be focusing on more than back squats in my training career. Some goofy limb length ratios (long femurs) make back squats a lower back dominant exercise more than anything. Also, front squats tend to work my hips more than quads, oddly enough.



You are falling forward. Is your back starting to tighten up or ache?

Try slowing down when you descend. Drop the weight a little and you will be able to feel when you fall forward and correct it. You may also want to work on box squats to strengthen you hips a little.

Just my 2 cents.


Look pretty good. Your elbows drop when you hit bottom, and stay down until you get to the top. Keep them high and the leaning forward issue will probably be fixed.


Chin up, Chest up, Weight on heels


Looks pretty good. Chest's dropping a little, and you're a bit late getting your hips through, but it's not horrendous or anything. Flare your lats, think hips and head on the way up.


My back is tight a lot of the time, and I did hurt my back on this exercise a while back. My form looks much better on the heavier stuff than it did before, but, obviously, I have room for improvement :slightly_smiling:

I'm doing box squats nowadays. I'm really weak off the box. Also, I have a hard time squeezing my glutes to get my hips going in the movement. I'll have to work on that so I can get the good carryover to front squats.



Hey, saw the oly lifting videos you've posted. Pretty sick stuff :open_mouth:

I think I've been skipping the upper body tightness. I need to really focus on actively pushing my elbows up. . .



Will do, thanks


Think hips and head. . . Gotta remember that.

Again, thanks


might want to try a heeled shoe on front squats, thats what i like for those and olympic back squats otherwise looked pretty good to me besides the fall foward slightly


good advice so far...

as for the glutes firing, do some single leg stuff (split squats, lundges, etc) to get them firing more.


Push your knees out harder coming in and out of the hole. DON'T do it by turning your toes out more though.



everyone's given you good advice so far. one other thing that may be helpful would be doing them off of pins. if you don't have a rack, you can build up a surface on both sides to elevate the bar so you only have to concentrate on the concentric portion of the movement. starting in the bottom position requires you to be really tight to get the bar moving.

i prefer squatting off of pins or an elevated surface to a box anyday.


Ya, um, what maraudermeat said. I think he might know a thing or two on what he is talking about.


but what's funny as shit is that i'm telling this guy to give squatting off pins a try becuase i prefer that to boxes. meanwhile, my avatar is a pic of me front squatting off a box.

i guess it's a case of do as i say, not as i do:)


An oly lifter friend of mine may have some extra oly shoes for me to use. I may try that.



I've had that covered for a while, but I think I'm at the point where I'll get the most out of focusing on the glutes during the big exercises (squats, DLs, etc. . .)



Ok, I'll do that. Thanks


Thanks for stopping by, Marauder. Your videos get me pumped for breaking PRs

How would you recommend I do those? Do you think it'd be best to do a few sets of normal front squats and then do some off pins, or just use the pin front squat on its own? I appreciate the advice!


No kidding, lol. His avatar says it all. . . :open_mouth: