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Critique My First Prohormone Cycle


I've done a considerable amount of research and went to my local supplement store today to look at what they have.

Before going in I have already researched and decided on Halovar (see below) and possibly nolva for my PCT. Here is what I'm planning.

-Halovar (Halodrol)
50/50/50/50/50/50 and possibly another two weeks of 50/50

-On Cycle Support: Alpha
Planning on taking one pill of on-cycle per pill of halo.

-PCT: Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 (starting the day after I get off the ph)

Please let me know if this is a solid cycle layout. Thanks.


Is anyone willing to help me out? I'm planning on purchasing these items over the weekend and need some experienced opinions.


Your pct sucks. Clomid is better for upregulation of hpta, and idc about lnrh sensitivity. You also need a suicidal ai. Most people who use serms have their testosterone levels fall in the months following. This is largely attributed to that serms help boost t, but don't block estrogen from being created at all, only from working on receptors. You should also have vitamins, particularly vitamin d and c. 50 mg dhea on cycle can help (not in pct).

Toss in resveratrol, curcumin, zinc magnesium calcium, fish and flax seed oil, b6, and eat mushrooms and brocolli (AI, fibrous, and I3C and DIM). 3g daa can help. Thats all just for testosterone support.


Thanks for the input, I am planning on taking a multi and fish oil already but as far as the ai, would I just run Arimidex post or intra cycle?


Should you really be taking a cycle if you need to ask questions about it?

There are tonnes of online books on the history, benefits/cons and application of steroids that go into intricate detail.

The steroid guide is on KAT.

Obviously it is your choice but unless you know exactly what you are doing, is it worth fucking your body up and having to rely on artificial hormones for the rest of your life because you jacked your system by meddling with substances you didn't know that much about, in the grand scheme of things?


I know what youre saying but I did a fair amount of research and thought I had a solid cycle until he just suggested to drop the SERM and use an AI even though Nolva is one of the best recommended PCT's for after a pH..


Personally, I think most or all of the PH's are a waste of $$. Yes, you'll get some results, but take the money you're spending on ph's and supps to support your cycle and apply it towards a real cycle w/ test in it and your lb of muscle/dollar will be better spent.

Make your ur cycle support includes liver dext agents such as inositol and milk thistle. Also get bloodwork done before and after looking at your livers AST and ALT values.

You're choice of PH could be better IMO, but in terms of PHs the good ones such as SD are off the market. If you wana go oral find a place you can still get SD. That's the only PH that's worth it I'd say.