Critique my First Cycle

This will be my first cycle plan.

24 years old.
Started training at the age of 18
12% bf

Testosterone enanthate 1-12 weeks 250mg E3D (Monday and Thursday)
Dianabol 1-4 weeks 30mg per day

PCT (2 weeks after the last shot):

Nolvadex 40/40/20/20mg

I’m not Gyno prone so i won’t use AI. also i dont give a f*ck if i bloat to much.

My Questions:

Can i add Winstrol 8-12 50mg per day?
Can i do Dianabol 30mg per day for 6 weeks?
If Winstrol is not good to add, can i add Clenbuterol at my PCT? and what are the recommended dosage?
Is my PCT good or no? i did’nt add HCG some says its unnecessary.

you’ve been here for months and you still think this is the way to go? Also, how do you know you’re gyno prone if this is your first cycle?


I’ve been researching my first cycle as well for the past few months. Some useful advise that I received was to pay attention to the dates of the threads you are reading. If you are pulling advice given in a thread from 5-10 years ago, you might be getting bad or outdated advice.

I’m obviously no expert, but the most updated information seems to agree on the following:

  1. First cycle is best to run test only so you can narrow down the source of side effects, and ramp up gain on subsequent cycles with additional compounds

  2. It’s a lot easier to fine tune your AI dosage on cycle rather than panic when you get gyno and have to treat it on an emergency basis. Most consider an AI essential.

  3. HCG greatly assists with recovery and PCT. You are 24 - are you not concerned about your gonads or the possibility of having kids someday?