Critique My First Cycle

Alright, first of all here are my stats.

Age: 24
Years training: 5
Height: 5’9
Weight: 210
Bf: 12-15%
Bench: 275x8 315x2
Squat: 315 for 10 405x1
Deadlift: 405 for 6 495x1
Shows competed in: 1
Diet: currently 6000 calories
Reason for wanting to cycle: Prepared to go to the next level.

-Galenika Test Enanthate Ampules x24
-5mg Anabol British Dispensary x200

Weeks 1-12 500mg Test Enanthate a week
Weeks 1-4 30mg Anabol ED
Estrogen support: 20-40mg Nolvadex ED also have Arimidex.

Liver support: NAC (Label rec. dose)

Cholesterol support: 4 grams fish oil/ 3 caps lipid stabil


10-14 days after last test injection

45 days duration

2000 IU of HCG EOD for first 20 days

50 MG Clomid twice per day for first 30 days

20 mg Nolvadex twice per day for entire 45 days

I’ve already purchased everything in this program. Hoping to get some insight from some of the more experienced members on here. Anything I should change?

Use hCG on cycle, not in PCT. Use your adex instead of nolva on cycle. Nolva won’t stop estrogen from forming like adex/asin will so you will get some estrogen-related sides. KSMan will rip your PCT to shreds, check out this thread: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong - Pharma - Forums - T Nation

I would run arimidex during the cycle, 0.5mg EOD, rather than Nolvadex. Some people prefer to start at 0.25mg EOD but for me 0.5 is better. Nolvadex will not keep estrogen levels under control as it is a SERM not an AI. You should only use Nolva during your cycle if you have a gyno flare up which hopefully won’t happen due to proper use of an AI.

I would use you HCG during your cycle, 250iu 2 x per week. This is a much more effective way to use it rather than blasting at the end. Discontinue the HCG 3 days before starting your SERM PCT.

I would suggesting using only ONE SERM for PCT, either Nolva or Clomid. Nolva is my preference. Also continue your arimidex until 1 week after finishing PCT but taper the dose down throughout.

Run the PCT for 6 weeks.

week 1-5 @ 20mg ED
week 6 @ 10 ED

or something similar.

You can check out cycobushmaster’s thread and also KSman’s thread for more detailed info on PCT and how these drugs work.

From my personal experience, having ran my first cycle using a PCT similar to the one you propose, and then a second cycle with PCT as i have suggested, i recovered better from the second cycle.

All of my info is from William Llewellyns book on anabolics. 10th edition.

I’ve also read that book - It’s a good read.

HCG during the cycle. You may use 3x per wk, 250ius per pin is good amount…
Adex during the cycle. You can keep nolva, but you’ll need adex.

If this is real drugs, you’re gonna Grow!