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Critique My First Cycle


Hey guys. Take a look at my first cycle...Going to be starting in a few weeks..Have the steroids, waiting for the PCT to arrive.

8 week cycle

Week 1

Test E. Fronload - 2 500 mg Injections

Weeks 2-8

375mg Test E E3D

Aromasin 25mg E3D


Start 12 days after cycle

Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 150/100/100/50

DAA 3 grams daily

21 years old a solid 4 years training under my belt. 225lbs 6'2 12% bf, 410 bench, 600 dead, low 400 squat...

Looking to add quality muscle mass and get pretty lean, strength will come but that's secondary.


For your first cycle I wouldnt venture over 500mg test/wk. I would also extend your cycle to 10wks. If your nervous about recover incorporate HCG. No need for both clomid and nolva, i would stick with novla. Also no need for the DAA during cycle but it would be smart to include it during PCT.

I would start your aromasin at 12.5mg and see how you react first before jumping to 25mg. Also include aromasin in you PCT

1-10wk Test E @ 500mg
12-16wk Nolva 40/40/20/20
12-16wk Aromasin 25/25/12.5/12.5


Here's the new revision.

I am doing an 8 week cycle. I cant get HCG, so I'd prefer 8 weeks as recovery would be easier. HPTA shut off from my understanding is going to happen at 500mg or 750mg, so the doe shouldnt matter in regards to recovery as time on seems to be mor important. Also 8 weeks @ 750 is more drug than 10 @ 500....I'll probably start using prop after this though.

Anyways, I like the nolva only sugestion...Here's the revision.

1 - 2 Shots 500mg (frontload)
2-8 750 mg/week

12.5mg Aromasin EOD



Days 1-3 60mg
Days 4-7 40mg
Weeks 2-4 20 mg
A couple days at 10 mg

Use Aromasin at 12.5mg EOD until week 3 PCT


Revised cycle looks great man. Hope to see some progress updates. I'm darting week 5 tomorrow of Test E @ 400mg/ml. Strength gains already through the roof, and personally as for size, I guess some puffiness due to some water retention, but the scale hasn't moved much for me yet. I'm up about 5-6 pounds, which I guess is not bad for 4 weeks. So yeah, cycle looks good man, just keep the diet in place, that will play a massive roll. Good luck man!


Thanks bro..Forgot to mention...taking DAA as soon as I hop off...3mg a day...

What's your cycle looking like man...Dosage per week and duration....

Is it true that about week 5 is when the gains from test e become really rapid and noticeable? Does the strength increases come first before the size?

Going to start pinning in two weeks. Will give updates.