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Critique My First Cycle Please

I am planning on doing my firts cycle this year. After doing loads of research I think I have come up with something that works.

My stats are as follows:

30 yrs. old
6’ 1"
228 lbs.
15% bf

Here is the cycle:

week 1-11 enanthate 250mg/week
week 1-10 primo 400mg/week
week 1-6 winny 50mg ed
week 7-13 anavar 20mg ed

All comments would be appreciated.

Hmm not too bad, many around here will tell you that your test is a little low, but If you are stuck on that dosage, I would recommend frontloading it the first 3 weeks to get your levels up.

So 500mg/week TestE weeks 1-3. The primo looks ok. Replace the winny with 4 weeks of dbol at 30-40mg e/d if that is available to you. If not consider cutting the winny down to 4 weeks to take some stress off the liver.

And with your anavar dosing, in my opinion, that is way to low. Shoot for something in the 30-40mg range. And what do you have planned as far as pct during and afterwards?


If I frontload for three weeks should I still take the test through to week 11?

The winny is depot, so I thought it wouldn’t be as hard on the liver as tabs?

Swales HCG protocol during

Nolva post

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