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Critique My First Cycle Please?


Hey everyone.

I think there's going to be quite a bit of contreversy over my age, stats etc but oh well. I'm 21 years old, been lifting for almost 2 years seriously (lifted for another 1.5 - 2 years but ddn't know what I was doing then), 6'4 220lbs. I've never been fat, always skinny, not sure what my body fat percentage is, but my top two abs are visible most the time. So I'm assuming my bodyfat percentage is in the low teens.

I'm not trying to go far beyond my natural limit, I just want to be 220 lbs at about 8 - 10% body fat. Since my body fat percentage is the low teens, I still have a lot of muscle to add before I can reach that goal, so that's why I'm here.

I've read a few books on steroids, read the stickies and have been doing research off and on for a year. Anyway no one wants my life story;

Week 1 - 12: 125mg Sustanon EOD.
Week 15: 40mg Nolva daily.
Week 16 - 19: 20mg Nolva daily.

125mg of sustanon daily over 12 weeks averages out at 437.5mg weekly.
I've read injecting every other day is better than injecting weekly.
PCT starts 21 days after cycle.
My PCT is my main concern, I haven't found a lot of information on that.
But I've read PCT should go for a month after a sustanon cycle. Correct me if I'm wrong please!
I'd have Arimidex on hand.

This is merely my plan for my first cycle, I haven't bought any of the gear or anything like that, I'm here to learn and improve my cycle before starting it.

What's your thoughts? Any help would be appreciated.


Editted my first post to add in stats. Was reluctant at first since I don't really want to start a debate about whether I'm old enough but I don't think I'll get replies otherwise.


So you are at 220 lbs with BF in the "low teens", and want to be sub-10% at 220 lbs. That is at most 5-6 lbs of muscle gain and 5-6 lbs of fat loss. Not too lofty goals. Unless you are completely stalled at this point, you should be able to do that without any extra PHD assistance. If you are, a change to your training and/or diet should be all you need. Unless I'm missing something.


If you dont want to be huge why do you want to use steroids? Especially at an age where you can EASILY achieve the goal you state? I dont get it, why risk your health for such a pedestrian goal.


By low teens I mean about 14% body fat is my estimate, sorry if the 'low teens' was a bit misleading.

To be about 8% body fat is a 6% body fat difference, that's a 13.2 lb fat loss and muscle gain, but there's also a small amount of muscle lost when cutting down as well so probably a bit more of a muscle gain is required than a fat loss.

I believe I could achieve close to this goal within one cycle, I'd be bulking on cycle and cut down afterwards.

Another factor is if I don't cycle within 6 months, then I won't be able to for about 1.5 years from now. Basically because:

My parents live in America
I live in Australia
I'm seeing them mid next year (can't be on cycle then)
They are coming to Australia to visit just 2 months later (can't be on cycle then)
Then about 2 months after that we are going on holiday to Peru (can't be on cycle then)

I can't cycle without my parents knowing unfortunately. They already think I look 'too big and disfigured'. Considering I live in their Ausralian House, drive their new car they left in Australia and they pay for all my bills, they have a fair bit of leverage over me.


Well I define professional body builders as huge. They have worked out for 30 years or so and take heaps of steroids.

I hate to use Zyzz as a reference, but that's a body type that I would like to achieve, and I don't see him as being huge.

If that means I have to be 230 - 240lbs at my height then that's what my goal is, basically I won't know until I take the first step and see how I look at 220lbs at 8% body fat.

Time is more of an issue rather than the overall goal. I would like to achieve my goal soon while I'm young, because a few years from now I see myself working on site in a remote country since I'm in engineering, and most those places don't have gyms unfortunately.


Aren't you 21? I'm 16 and I pretty much have control over what goes into my own body. Don't see how you don't.


Don't see how different parenting really matters here.
I know 14 year olds that smoke weed and do drugs with there parents, so I'm not sure I see your point. One could argue 'hey, that kid does drugs in front of his parents, don't see how you can't'.

But the fact is that some people are brought up differently.
I'd argue that your parents have poor parenting skills if they let you do whatever you want at 16.


Judging by the fact no one is critiquing my actual cycle, I'm going to assume it's okay or at least doesn't have any major flaws.


That's rational thinking. Kind of like standing outside a bank planning to rob it so long as nobody stops you. Looks like you completely neglected to read thew newbie cycle planning thread and/or the AI/SERM thread. How is that possible when they're stickied at the top?

If your parents already think you're too big and you're afraid of them/afraid of them seeing you bigger, why are you even talking about this? It'll be a drastic change.


I've read both sticky's, so I'm failing to see your point.
Sometimes I wonder whether the people in these forums want to be the only big ones around and therefore don't want others taking steroids.