Critique My Fight (Vid)

I’m in Red. I know that my opponent drove me around the ring while in clinch(that’s probably why I lost the fight). I don’t feel he did any damage while in the clinch. The video don’t show it but I threw a ton of uppercuts/hooks combos in the clinch. Also some flurry’s that I saw on my friends cell phone camera.

Things I know I have to work on.
-Staying in the pocket & not advancing to much forward
-not getting moved around in the clinch
-finishing my takedowns
-snapping my punches

Any other input would be appreciated, thanks!

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Edit - I M Dum. Video’s blocked at work.

he didnt have more/better skills than you, he was just a bit more aggressive. Props for getting in there and more for sharing with us. You pushed the pace very well in the stand up game, but as soon as you clinched, he dominated you. Great job with close range striking, could have seen more of it. Speaking of which, I didnt see any use of elbows. Was it allowed? If so, you had a few opportunities to pull a Uriah Faber, break from clinch and throw a horizontal elbow.

I liked your usage of o soto gari but the setup was a bit off which led to it being unsuccessful. No shame on you. The points you made to improve your game will definitely help you. I would also add in some hardcore interval training to put more gas in your tank. Also work more from your guard. He was passing to half guard a little too easy a time or two. Good job getting back to your feet though. Your stand up is the best part of your game.

Work more pummeling to swim out of the clinch and remember that double underhooks are a dominate position that lead to all kinds of goodies in the Greco, Jitz, and Judo worlds. Good job though, you got skills. Dont let the loss get you down. Fighters fall from time to time but warriors always get back up.

Mistake #1 you had a shaved head. Other than that, finish take downs, practice flowing from one take down option to the next, and work your head movement. You look WAY better than I thought you would man, and props for putting the vid up as well. If I saw fights like that in KS, I’d buy tickets all the time.

i’d like to watch it again, but overall, you looked good. some minor things, but hell, you’re in the cage and i’m not.

but what’s up with the shin pads? pretty much eliminates leg kicks, as well as locking in a decent guard…and were those regular gloves, not MMA gloves?

EDIT: here we go…cons: wizzer wasn’t working, use the clinch to set up takedowns

pros: your footwork and hands looked really good.

for what it’s worth, you were chasing him most of the fight, and were definately the aggressor. IMO, you deserved the decision.

i’d suggest add in some clinch work to what you’re already doing, and go from there…

Rules are NJ MMA Amateur. Shin pads & 7oz mma gloves, No standing kicks to the head, no elbows, no G & P to the head(body only),no toeholds or heelhooks. Thanks guys I will definitely focus more on my muscle endurance. Work on takedown combos as well. Unfortunately the shaved head has to stay. If I grow it out I will look like a monk.

 I thought that the fight was pretty even but the things I think lost it for you are: 1)Kicks- I thought the hands and even the clinch striking(hands & knees) was all but equal. I'm curious as to why you didn't try any kicks. IMO that probably swayed that aspect of the fight his way. 2)Takedowns- To be honest neither one of you was as effective as I'm sure you'd like to be with the takedowns. You certainly went for more, but I'd say your only truly successful shot was as time expired. The throws looked nice, but the only one you got the opponent down on created too much separation for you to capitalize on it. The turning point here IMO was him stuffing the throw attempt and then reversing it into a takedown in his favor. 

 All in all it was a very entertaining fight, and as others have said, you have all the respect in the world for getting in there. I think the fight was really on a razors edge and just those two things may have gone the other way in the judges minds. I understand that with takedowns and the ground game in general, the defending is far easier than the offense. I personally think once the judging catches up to the athletes, people will be rewarded more for effort even if it's less effective than desired(even a stuffed takedown is action you created and in the realm you were trying to bring the fight to, if only for a second). Again, big props for getting in. Please keep posting the fights!

Thanks guys, I took this whole week off to heal up a bit. I can’t wait to go back to training!

DR… nice work, props for getting in there.

I liked your movement- head movement, foot work, you move well.

Did the size of the gloves impair clinching- they looked pretty big.
Im guessing it hurt they clinch game.

Your own analysis was pretty good, and most of the others said similar

clinch work- work on both body and head pummeling- I think some good underhook with headlock combo’s
are right up your alley.

lateral movement not just for striking for your clinch too, I find Judo and greco so much more effective
when your side by side.

Your takedowns had allot of momentum- I think working on some set ups either with strikes or
some dirty wrestling tricks would get you there.

Nice work, and props for posting a vid too.

Good Job


You shoot well… excellent initial aggression, power, and speed. The only problem is that you gotta follow your takedowns with lightening quick ground work and strikes… so you are right, your are not finishing well and simply lack aggression in that stage only.

How much do you practice heavy bag tackles, takedowns, followed by heavy striking? As in strike until you about puke…

Heavy medicine ball catches with a quick twist slams for 10 times followed by a single catch and takedown to the knees followed by 5-6solid strikes would probably help you some too.

Great job; keep it up!

overall good performance you made a great fight. But you did not throw a single kick. I think you should work on that, your opponent used them great.

You made some good boxing combos, just finish them with a low kick. Dont start throwing single kicks like the other guy

When you catch the leg of your opponent you can do 2 things: 1. take him down (should be easy if you catch a low kick and you react fast ) 2. land a power strike/kick
You caught the leg and then you moved him to the ring and clinched him.

When you land a combination and the opponent moves back to the cage dont clinch him. Hold the distance break the rhytm, change levels and keep punching and kicking.

Keep on fighting!

This is from my GF’s cell phone. Thanks again for the critique. I’m definitely going to add more clinching drills & experiment with takedown combos.

Hey man here is a simple addition to any leg attack for a takedown. Take your penetration step this is the step that you should split his legs with, doing this makes sure you come in with enough force to take his balance away. After your pene. step when you bring your trailing leg up and plant it to turn the corner and explode, use the original penetration leg to land an inside trip if you follow that chain of actions it should get you the takedown almost every time if that doesnt work your probably not setting up your takedowns properly.

I thought you looked fine in your fight, just like you said though you let him have his way a lil much in the clinch and your take downs weren’t great. If you can;t understand the technique I explained pm me and I will try harder good luck.

Pretty good man I would have given you the decision but thats Jersey for you. Really just work on take downs, your ground game was better then his and he wasn’t ready for your hands its just the inbetween that got you. Work on not telegraphing that Judo toss out of the clinch as much, finishing your takedowns and pushing forward at the end of the fight (he looked way more fatigued then you did just look at his feet towards the end) and I think your going somewhere.

[quote]DeadRamones wrote:
Rules are NJ MMA Amateur. Shin pads & 7oz mma gloves, No standing kicks to the head, no elbows, no G & P to the head(body only),no toeholds or heelhooks. Thanks guys I will definitely focus more on my muscle endurance. Work on takedown combos as well. Unfortunately the shaved head has to stay. If I grow it out I will look like a monk.[/quote]

Wow no toeholds or heelhooks? How about assisted knees to the head standing, thats a rule in amateurs here in Texas, all submissions are legal though.

no toeholds/heelhooks, knees to the body only, no neck crank,you can do a can opener only as a guardpass. must release the hold if your opponent opens guard, no chicken wing but you can kimura.

Good fight mate.

close fight and a good overall effort.

I’m not an MMA fighter so I will only comment on what I know best, ie Muay Thai.

Work a little more in clinch work at a straight Muay Thai only gym. I find MMA gyms dilute the thai style a little too much. If you have good thai stand up grappling you would have been able to launch him in those clinches he had you in no probs. I know in a fight it’s different and especially in an MMA fight but if you know something you can always use it to your advantage.
What comes to mind is silva vs franklin 2 times! You would have thought franklin would learn after the first fight to stand up grapple but he didn’t and paid for it twice and silva isn’t really considered much of a stand up thai stylist in thai circles but he does know it much better than most mma fighters. That makes him that much more confident and stronger.

Malipet has some good videos about grappling and throwing but the best thing is to physically do round after round with a guy hanging on your neck and likewise you working out how to use it to your advantage. He had your neck a few times but didn’t do anything with it.

As someone mentioned, follow up all your combos, ie if it’s a punch combo, finish it off with a kick. If it is a kick combo finish it up with a punch.
you can get good at this and become more fluid by drilling this with thai stylists over and over until it becomes habitual.
Go both sides, up and down, ie cross hook and then right kick to the leg or body etc… Duane Ludwig did this well against one of his opponents in king of the cage.

Shadow boxing over and over again is also good for learning to be fluid and adding punches and kicks on the end of your attacks/combos.

also, in the clinch, aim to bring your hips into and closer to him if he has head control and that way you eliminate his knees, rather than trying to block them with your guard or arms…think hip to hip and then your arms will be underlocked around his body ready for a slam/takedown.

Stand up thai clinching is the most undertrained area for mmaers in my opinion but once learnt the effects are devastating and really annoy a lot of mma guys.

olympic/greco roman wrestlers though will throw your hands off immediately the minute you touch their heads and then go for gold on you so you have to be wary of a good wrestler gaining hip control if your not careful.

ok… so I didn’t tell the truth, I’ve done some work with MMA guys but it’s not my area.

Anyways, best of luck and keep at it, you show solid defence and good forward ‘fighter’ attitude.

I wrestle NCAA div. I so I’m not an ignorant when I say this. I’d say areas for improvement would definitely be your wrestling and ability to control in the clinch. In addition, work on your head movement and footwork. You have some decent hand speed it seems like but your footwork isn’t up to par yet. I’d work on that.