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Critique My Fat Loss Eating Plan


Recently my fat loss stopped due to what I think was eating too few calories. What I did was take a 2 week period off where i ate at my maintence calories. Which is 2400.

5' 7", 173 pounds, 12-13% body fat (educated guess here)

Here is what I plan on eating. I am shooting for 1900 calories a day. I started this phase yesterday.

Breakfast: 4 eggs, 1/2 cup oats in water, 1/2cup

Snack 1: Granny Smith Apple, Half a chicken breast

Lunch: Chicken Breast, unmeasured amount of green
beans and spinach (alot)

Snack 2: 1 cup plain fat free yogurt. 1/2 cup blueberries
(I like blueberries)

Dinner: 8oz 95% Lean Ground beef. again a ton of green

Snack 3: 1/2 cup 1% fat cottage cheese, 2tbsp peanut
butter strait from the jar

I don't count the calories from the greens, but without this comes to about 1750-1850. I read somewhere on here that you shouldnt count the calories of your green veggies. I'm concerned I'm not getting enough fat intake. I plan on doing doing this for a 2 week period to see the results then tweak if necessary?

Please comment. Thanks.


Charles Poliquin and Thibs aren't that big of fans of oatmeal. Since your body can handle the carbs in the morning, you could opt for the oatmeal but quinoa would be a better choice. However, I'd just take it out and probably add in some avocado to your eggs instead. I don't know how carb-tolerant you are, but unless your snack 2 comes after your workout, I wouldn't take it.

You're only getting about 26g of protein for breakfast. That's hardly anything. I'd bump it up to 40g minimum. So take out the oats, and maybe add in a protein shake as well. Metabolic Drive low-carb would be an excellent choice especially if you take out the oats.

Other than that, make sure your snack 2 comes after your workout and your good to go.

Also, you should be supplementing with more EFA's. Get yourself some Flameout.


Thanks for the reply. I've heard two sides to oatmeal. On one hand I hear some guys saying eat up at breakfast, you need the carbs to get you goin. On the other, i hear guys talk down on it like its the equivelant of a candy bar. So much info out there that I don't knwo what to believe anymore.

As far as the Metabolic Drive and the Flameout, these 2 products are must haves on my list, however I wont be able to get them for atleast a few more weeks due to my financial situation.

I'm confused by which snack you are talking about. You say snack 2 but i dont see that many carbs in the blueberries and yogurt. Are you talking about the apple and chicken?