Critique My Fat Loss Diet Please

Hello all. I’ve been bulking for a while (dont look at my pics theyre not recent) and it’s time to start trying to lose fat. I’m definatley a newbie to this so all guidance will be appreciated.

First of all. I’m an athlete who plays football and baseball, NOT a bodybuilder. Along with performing well I also like to look good. My goals are to lose 8 pounds of fat in about 6 weeks. I believe this will help me perform better in my sports. By losing some fat I will become stronger “pound for pound” which will lead to more speed.

Im 5 foot 9

my current diet:

5:30- 2 eggs, good portion of rice, and breakfast meat- OJ
6:20- 4 BCAA tablets
8:00- 4 scoops of Surge; 4 BCAA tabs
10:00- 4 BCAA tabs
11:45- Lasagna, banana, milk
2:50- Low carb Metabolic Drive
5:45- Dinner meat- Chicken or Beef or Pork
8:45- low carb Metabolic Drive & 4 BCAA tabs

Now this is a normal training day. I lift in the morning at 6:30.

I KNOW im getting enough protein. About 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.

I KNOW im active enough. I normally have baseball in the afternoon

Questions: If i stop eating carbs after noon, will I lose fat?

Any tips or comments are greatly appreciated.


help please. dont want to be wasting time!

So you’re NOT lifting weights? It would be better for you in the long run if you did. At least 2 times a week. More muscles = more calories burned at rest.

he said he lifts in the morning.

try it, let us know how it works.

Adjust accordingly.

If your strength decreases, then up the calories, if your strength increases and you’re losing fat, good job.

Eat more veggies, eat some more fats, nuts, avocado, etc.

ok thanks everyone. yes i lift 3 times a week. all compoundlifts, at my highschool.

i noticed my sex drive just absolutley sky rocketed DOWN. could that be from cutting carbs? or maybe BCAA?

excuse the ignorance.

Do you eat any veggies? So at 5:45 you just eat a piece of meat? Not good. Also, like mentioned you need to eat more fat. Fat helps to increase testosterone which will increase your sex drive. Add some into each of the last 3 meals of your day.