Critique My EDT Program!

Hi Guys,

I have never tried the EDT program before but have become interested in it. I have been lifting for a good few years and am fairly experienced (bench 365Ib deadlift 500) but new to EDT.

I have ordered Staley’s “muscle logic” book but have not received it ( yet. I was playing around with an EDT program and wondered if you guys could let me know if I’m on the right track or suggest any imrovements and whether I might possibly be overtraining.

My Goals: significant body change. More muscle all over - hopefully my shoulders will get a good bit bigger as I feel I am weak there (wondering why the program that charles gave in his T-Nation atricles did not seem to detail much shoulder work???)

here is my program. I’m not going for pure EDT but more of a Hybrid approach.

Also, due to Gym layout I am unable to do any antagonistic pairings (except in one instance, on thursday), hopefully I will still gain well though.

Monday (upper body pushing):
PR Zone 1 - Incline bench. (15 mins)
PR zone 2 - Lying tricep extensions/tricep dips (15 mins)

Shoulder work - bradford press, flyes (not doing EDT for this one as I tried this program last week and my shoulders were too fatigued to handle any significant weight on full ROM pressing movements - bradford presses are an exception as they effectively isolate the delts and thus my fatigued tri’s wont hold me back)

TUesday: (Lower body & back + biceps)
Squat - 5x5
PR zone 1 - Chins (15 mins)
PR zone 2 - barbell row (15 mins)
PR zone 3 - barbell curls (15 mins)

Thursday:(Upper body pushing)
Warm up with some push presses.
PR zone 1 - Flat barbell bench (10 mins)
PR zone 2 -(15 mins)
a) Dumbell flyes
b) Lying tricep extensions

SHoulder work - as for monday

Friday: (lower body & back + biceps)
DEadlift - 5x5
PR zone 1 - Jump shrugs (15 mins)- I love this exercise!!
PR zone 2 - PUll ups (10 mins)
PR zone 3 - EZ curls (10 mins)

POssibly a couple of sets of rows but not EDT & not a lot of volume.

The reason the PR zones on friday are only 10 minutes is that I reckon my upper back will have gotten a serious working through the deadlifting so I’m worried about overtraining it)

SO, any suggestions, opinions or advice??? Needless to say calories will be high, in the 4,500 - 5000 range (possibly higher - I weigh 195)

Thanks in advance for all your help…