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Critique My Diet!

Main goal is fat loss. 5’11", 240, 29% body fat. Been on this diet since May 1st. Started HOT-ROX on Aug 1st. Have lost about 15 pounds so far.

Here is a typical day for me.

0600 - 2 HOT-ROX extreme

0700 - Powerbar or Tuna Sandwich (~250-300 cals)

1000 - 1/4C toasted almonds (~200 cals)

1200 - 2 HOT-ROX extreme

1300 - Sandwich or Homemade Chili/Brn Rice (~300-400 cals)

1530 - 1 whole egg, 5 whites, 1/2C Oats, 1tbsp olive oil, scoop of flax (~500 cals)

1830 - 1 whole egg, 5 whites, 1/2C Oats, 1 tbsp olive oil, 2tbsp PB (~650 cals)

2100 - post workout, 2 scoops protein (200 cals)

2230 - before bed, 1/4C almonds, 1 scoop protein (300 cals)

Half the time for dinner I have some type of lean meat (grilled chicken, round steak, grilled fish, etc.) with vegetables, usually 3-4 times a week. I also normally have a big bowl of leafy greens w/fat free vinegrette daily. I substitute all bran or fiber one cereal instead of the oats every other day.

If I’m lazy I will eat a McD or BK grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo/sauces) or a footlong sub (no mayo/cheese) for lunch or dinner.

So roughly, around 2500 cals a day. Thoughts?


IMO if your cutting to darn many carbs try and get them in the AM and around trai9ning. you have pretty much zero veggies and fruit, gt some

Looks low on protein as well

fats prob close to OK get some fish oils ?" Omega 3’s in there

You might look at T-Dawg 2.0-


thanks for the input. i will try and lose the bread and substitute vegetables. however, i should keep the oats in my diet right?

i will up the flax and look into fish oils. as for protein, is it ok to up the egg whites? i love eggs, it’s cheap and easy to prepare.

could you recommend some good fruits when cutting? and servings?

Do some reading. I don’t mean to be rude, but you are basically asking people to design you a diet plan.

If you are just eating to be healthy, read up and you’ll know what to do.

Not enough Jack Daniels. 1/10

There are no good fruits when cutting.

Eat the veggies raw.

Raise the level of your protein.

Cut the level of your carbs. Can the brown rice, breads, beans in the chili, and Powerbar. Keep the 1830 oats.

Eat something more than almonds post workout. If you are having a shake before bed, make it whey/casein or all casein.

You need alot more food between 0700 and 1300, you gotta stoke the boiler.

I could go on, but try these for starters.

you forgot 2 more HOT-ROX caps before bedtime…now that’s extreme dieting…duhhh